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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to do whatever makes me happy. For most of my adolesence I've put sports before everything and everyone in my life. Now that I'm older and have been to multiple colleges while meeting tons of people for differnt backgrounds, I've realized that the best times I had was when I'm surrounded by people I enjoy, doing activities I enjoy. College developed me socially more than anything. Work is work, you get an assignement and turn it in on time but meeting new people and dealing with teachers, students and coaches that you don't always agree with helped prepare me for the real world. My goal the last year or so of my college experience isn't to focus on what I'm doing after school but more so what puts a smile on my face and the close group of special people in my life I care about as well.


I would tell myself that this was the best school that I could attend for the money and all of the learning opportunites. But I would also tell myself it could be in my best interest to live off campus because the dorms are not very suitable for the amount of people living in one.


The only thing that I would tell myself I should of done was to take psychology or sociology that way I wouldn't have to take it now in college. Other than that I would leave everything the same. I think I managed my high school career very well.


stay focused and read what you can before class


If I could go back in time to my highschool years I really only have one or two things I would tell myself. I always maintained good grades in high school and was very active in sports and my social life. I feel that being able to juggle school and sports has helped me to juggle school,sports, and even work now in college. The main thing I see now I could have improved on is my social life. I seemed to always be very concerned with what everyone thought of me and my im age. If I would have spent less time worrying about that and even more time on my academics my grades could have been even higher than what they were. I feel like my teachers in high school did a very good job of preparing us for college and I owe a lot of my success to them. Aside from worrying more about grades than my friends I really don't see anything else I would change. I feel I have been successful in both aspects of my life and am so excited to see what my future holds. I can't wait!


Have you ever thought that high school is supposed to be the best days of your life? If you have, you are right. Have fun now because in the future it gets tougher. I would tell myself to work, study and play hard in all I do. Work hard in your classes and in the sports/music programs you are in because once they are over, you will regret not doing your absolute best. Study hard, because the grades you will obtain in high school follow you everywhere you go including college and upcoming jobs. Play hard in your sports/music programs because your team needs you and the harder you play the more they will respect you. Join programs in school that suit you because the more programs you join, the more friends you make. They are friends you need to cherish every moment with because high school will come to an end. It is fun, exciting, and at times tough. Take college classes in high school so you know what you are getting into in your near future. Work hard in those classes also, because the credits may transfer to your future college or university.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell meself to apply for those scholarships instead of putting it off untill it was to late to turn the applications in. Also I would tell myself to switch from truck crew to overnight stocking at work so my GPA would be higher than it is. The lack of sleep from working 40 hours helped lower your grades.


Having been diagnosed with nsal pharynx cancer, which is now in remission, I would emphasize knowing what you want from college, set priorities but also save and make time for yourself to unwind and have some fun. There is time to work, and work hard or you just waste your time and someone's money, but also time for play--use all your time to the fullest.


Prepare, you can never be to prepared for college and the struggles the come with it. I was told by my family, my advisors, and my friends that had already been attending college to plan ahead as far as possible. When it comes to college, if you procrastinate you will cause yourself alot more stress and aggervation. The thought is first come, first served and you need to apply this concept before you even graduate high school. To ensure you a spot in the degree program at your desired school you want to apply as soon as a new year starts for the following year. This way you can almost be certain of acceptance and then you can start to get the financial aspect taken care of. Many scholarships, grants, and loans have deadlines and require you to put some time into them. You need to apply for every means of money for school that you can find especially the ones that ask for essays because these are the ones you have a better chance of being selected. So if I could go back, I would tell myself to plan ahead and not wait till the last minute for anything.


Save your money, get scholarships and grants, prepare to go to the school in the fall early. Just make sure to spend your money wise cheapest is sometimes the best. Ask all questions about anything, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Lastly make sure to have a job lined up before you leave o go u there.


Assuming I could go back to talk with myself when I was in High School, I think that I would tell myself to not fret over the small things that don't matter. If I didn't caught up in things that seem important in "the now" I would have been able to open my eyes sooner and focus on the bigger picture and what is next. My biggest problem that I couldn't grasp untill college was money, not only the value of a dollar but the importance in saving. Among that point I would have reminded myself that if I put a little more effort into my school work I could have done so much better, not that I did bad.


I would of took harder classes in high school and I would of saved up more money.


I would tell myself to not take the management at McDonalds so I had more time for my school work. Your grades will improve a great deal after you give up management.


I would tell myself to really enjoy the time I have off before I start college. Once college starts you will have to grow up and start being responsible. You are not young forever so enjoy it.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself as a high school senior to focus more on my academics. I would also suggest taking an accounting course in high school so I would be ready for the accounting classes offered in college. A big hint of advice would be to start saving money for college, because it can really put a person in debt for a long time.


save more money


Be sure to save your money so you have enough for things you want while away at school


i would tell my self not to drive as much and to stay in the gym and study all the time!


I would tell myself to snap out of it and get through this pregnancy, quit beating yourself up over it and go on. You need to regroup your thoughts about not caring about your education and to do your very best to get good grades because they will effect your future. I would tell myself to make a plan for college and stick to it, do not back down and stay focused on your goals. Go to a local college online if you dont want to be away from the baby. Get ahold of your future while you have the chance and make something of yourself sooner than later. There will be many crossroads to face and many tough decisions along the way but having your degree will allow you to make more educated decisions and you will be able to support yourself financially and feel better about your life and the situations your going to find yourself in down the road. Stay focused AMY!! Your doing this to benefit not only yourself but your family.


Go to a school out of state and don't be afraid to spend money on a quality degree. Also, go to school for something you are interested in because you will want to enjoy your future career.


Ask yourself what you want to do and do it! Dont let anyone or anything hold you back no matter what it is.


I would suggest to any individual that it is important to weigh all options and possibilities before determining what you want to do for life. Too often, people make a plan for themselves and allow no cushion for the diversions and side-steps of life. Therefore, this also allows (at times) a financial crunch or a dead-end resulting in abandoned success. But do not be discouraged! This is the time to learn and accept that this is what life is about-- not just getting an education. Although learning about what you want to do in life is important, college is learning how to adapt to situations beyond the classroom. Whether it is involved with your friends, an employer, your superiors, or even a complete stranger, you will cross situations where this knowledge will be applied and even more-so after college. Learning and knowing your SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) as an individual will encourage you to know how to apply them to the rest of your life-- planned or unplanned. So always be aware of what is going on and open your eyes to new opportunities. This is the time of your life, embrace it!


Find a college that will taylor their services to your needs.


Be sure to speek with students that actually go to the school before committing. It is very important to do your research. Once in school be sure to make as many friends as possible and keep good relations with the professors. They are valuable resources when graduating.


look into more than one


I would say that parents and students need to visit any college they are thinking about during class hours. This will allow them to see how classes work and ask students what they think of the school


I would advise students to really consider what they want from the school they wish to attend. Knowing what you really want will help you get the best education you can. I would also advise to look at many different types of schools. Students are their parents should really take the time to look at many schools so they can make sure they are making the best choice for the student. Information is the key. Also, students should take time to interact with other students and get involved. You truely will get the most out of college if you are happy with where you are at and if you get involved.


It does not matter what goes on during they day, your here to learn. the more broing the campus the more you will acheive that goal.


First of all, if you are sure about what you want to do, then find a school that is best suited for someone joining that particular field of study. If the student is undecided about exactly what their major course of study will be, then check out schools that are the most attractive in the areas of affordability, accessibility, and general ambience fitting of the student, then advise them to take the basic general education required classes. These classes should be compared to any other college the student may feel they would transfer to so that these classes/credits will transfer completely; this will help to avoid costly mistakes. Encourage the student to become as involved in campus clubs and activities as their schedule will allow for over indulgence could affect their grades which could affect financial aid. It is important for all college students to understand their financial aid package and use it in the most beneficial way, because you don't want to get to the last quarters and be out of money. An important last thought for parents, encourage your child, listen to your child but most of all tell them how proud you are of them.


ask your son or daughter what they want to do. don't push them into something that they don't want to do.


My advice to others is to make sure you know what you want to do before you sign up for a school. If you are going to go to a trade school make sure you absolutely love what field you are recieving training in.


I would advise students or parents to go take a vist to the college. If the student is not quite sure where they want to attend go over the negative and positices about each school. If there is some questio you may have dont hesitate to ask. You can alwyas take more than one visit to a school if you need to, so dont feel like you have to fit everything into one day. If the school you really want to go to doesnt have exactly what you want to major in thats ok just make sure that they have some other majors that you like so you dont waste your time trying to find another school when you should be focusing on school. If you know someone who goes to the university ask them or the school if you can stay with that person for a weekend to see what campus life is like. If you want to see what classes are like ask if you could step in on a class for a short period of time. Dont just choose a school because there are well known for sports or something else. Go there because you want to


Take many collage visits, and make sure you research all your choices hard before you make that final descion.


My advice would be to choose a college that fits you. Make sure that if you want a big campus, visit several big campuses. If you want a small campus, visit several small campuses. The campus has to fit your personality otherwise you will be unhappy with your choice. Make sure the college offers what you want. Don't pick a career because of a college, pick a college because of your career. In other words, don't choose a college because you like it. You will only be there for four years of your life. Pick your college for the career you want to pursue. This will help ensure happiness after college, not just during college. The last advice is to join any and all social activities that are of interest to you. Make time to explore the clubs and groups on campus. This will help you network as well as create lifetime friendships and create lasting memories.


The best advice I could give to a parent in helping their child decide which college is best would be to let them visit as many colleges as possible and try to figure it out themselves. For students I would say some colleges will click and feel right and some you won't be able to see yourself at so use that when you're trying to decide. Pay attention to how you feel when you're making your decision and know that everything happens for a reason so there is always a reason why you are where you are in your life.


The first thing I would say to students when looking for colleges is keep your eyes open. Don't let anyone influence where you go to school because college is about you and how you want your future to go. Make sure whatever college you choose you are comfortable with because it is there that you will probably spend about four years of your life and lay the foundation for the rest of your life. As for when you go to college, make the most of it. Think about high school and everything you wish you could've done and do it. College is the time to find who you are and live to the highest potential both socially and scholastically. The best piece of advice anyone could give someone in college is be yourself, think about your future and why your there, but most of all live to the fullest making every moment count.


The biggest piece of advice I would give parents and students looking for the right college for their choice, would be to look around and explore their options. There are many colleges out there and many for each possible career choice there is. Look for a good community and good surroundings near the college or university. Also take a tour of the potential campuses and see if the classroom settings are something that would keep you interested and motiveated and see how the students already there feel about the university and how they like the experience they are having. Being comfortable with your surroundings is the most important thing once you get going in the university you choose so be sure you make every possible attempt to learn as much as you can about campus life and the classes and everything else that goes on around the college or university.


I feel that when you are in the midst of the college selecting process and you arrive on campus, you are going to know if it's the right one for you. I guess my advice is to follow your gut. You and only you know whats right and whats going to work for you. Go and visit as many schools as possible, talk to as many people on campus as you can. Do your own investigative work and don't just follow the tour guide around. Students, if your parents are helping you choose your college make sure they listen to your opinions and you make the final decision. You know whats best for you so follow your instinct.


The best advice that I can give to parents and students about finding the right college would be to find one that best suits who you are. Don't attend a college based on what everyone else says about it. Everyone is different and everyone is going to have different opinions. When you go on the hunt for the perfect college make sure you tour more than one before you make your decision. Don't go to a college just because it has a "big" name or it's the college that all of your friends are going to. College is a life changing experience and you want to make sure you make the right decision. Don't go to a school with a large campus if you really prefer a small evironment. If going to class is something that you've always disliked then take on-line courses. Never give up on the perfect college search because there is always a perfect college for everyone. Look into every college until you find the right one that best suits you.


The advice that I would give both parents and students about finding the right college would be to not only take the campus tour but go back and visit that campus on the weekend, and at night that way both you as the parent and the student knows what is really going on not just the things the visit shows you. Also ask questions of the students you see walking around the campus. Like do you live on campus why or why not? How are your classes going so far this quarter most students will be very honest and up front with you on how their classes are what you really have to expect. Try the food on campus and see if you are going to want to eat on campus, or going to go off campus for most of your meals. These are a few of the things that I did not do whiletaking college visits, and now will do in the future when my own children are ready to go to college. To make the most of college either live on campus or off with roommates not at home. Living at home you don't get the experience.


Making the right choice for college learning is the most critical step you will take. Be sure that the school you choose has programs which will fullfill your desired degree needs and has the support structures in place to help you meet your goals. Never be afraid to ask for help from the university. If you have chosen wisely they will have a program or department in place to insure that your college years are as pleasing to you as they will be rewarding to you. The quality of the universities support staff is the most valuable asset a student will ever have in college. They provide the guidance to help students reach the goals they have set for themselves. Reaching your goals is truely what college is all about. You learn the tools needed to get there and then only need to have the desire and direction to attain them.


First of all I would say to find the college that has the program you want to get a degree in. Next it is good to figure out how long each college takes to get the degree you are looking to pursue. Comparing cost is very important as well, and see which one offers you the most financial aid to help you through your study program. It is also a good idea to check housing costs if you are going to be living off campus, since every town has different costs of living. Finding out if the place of your college of choice has good jobs availiable is very important to know as well. Parents need to help their kids find a good college, but at the same time they need to understand it is their childrens choice and have to respect wherever they choose. It is hard for parents to let go, but that is why students need to research colleges and find out the good and bad parts of each one. Whatever college you pick make sure it is right for you and enjoy it because it will fly by.