University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I definitely brag about the University of Oklahoma's beautiful campus. Walking around at dusk in the brisk winter air, is unlike any other experience in the world. It's almost as if colors are more bright, smells are more dominant, sounds are more distinct, in Norman. Not a single person can walk through campus without gazing around and getting distracted by the beauty of it all. The crisp air fills your lungs with the beautiful smells of all of the aged trees on campus. Theres nothing like home, and nothing like Norman.


It's beautiful. Lots of events, good food.


We are all hardworking students and our school spritit is amazing! BOOMER SOONER!


The classes are intersting and keep your attention. Everyone is friendly.


The football program and my great friends.


OU is a phenominal school with a great student body. All are welcomed. OU is a school that is ready to help you succeed. The complete focus of this university is you! It is a school that prides itself on the success of the students. The oppourtunities for endless internships, wonderful caring professors, and a great atmosphere of learning.


The quality of education and the ability of the student population to encourage one another to do better in school and accomplish their dreams and to also make a difference in the community.


It looks good on paper.


When people ask about my school, I usually rave about the professors that I adore. I think the professor makes or breaks a class and if they're inspiring you are more inclined to do the work of the class as well as be involved.


There is a wide diversity of people and majors on campus. ANyone can attend this school and feel welcomed and like they belong


When I look at the University of Oklahoma and all that its worth, I cannot ignore the fact that not only is the education hugely taken into high regard, but I am learning on a campus that is truly gorgeous to look at. It makes you feel comfortable and proud to be learning there. I enjoy myself all too much to say and I love gazing through the beautiful flowers, peaceful jade colored trees, and flags wielding the schools colors to find a University to be proud of.


No doubt, the area I've chosen as my major, Theatre. I believe I have the best professors who are giving me the tools I will need to succeed in this field. And also, everyone in Theatre is like family because there is a great support system. There is a great understanding of what is expected. There is always plenty of encouragment. It is totally awesome!


The campus is gorgeous and the atmosphere, inviting. The library's traditional feel, helps to enhance the process of studying.




I brag primarily about the diversity of students and opportunities at the University of Oklahoma. My small hometown is void of ethnic variety, as well as far-reaching educational options, and so it is quite fulfilling to spread the word about what the world, particularly in Norman, Oklahoma, has to offer for students.


My friends are very competitive, so when we talk it is normally a competition of some kind. One thing I have that most of them do not is one simple yet very important word here in the south. That word is football. Football is life; we have a dominant football program and numerous Heisman Trophy winners. Most of my friends go to Oklahoma State University so the conversation is normally short lived no matter what they say OU always wins in football against them.


I brag the most about how my school is so welcoming and friendly. The people are some of the most kind people one will ever meet. From the staff and students you usually will not find one unkind face within the crowd of hundreds. The professors at the University of Oklahoma want you to succeed and even in classrooms of more than hundred students the teachers usually try their best to accomodat each students needs.


I love all the study groups. For most of my classes, I had at least one study group. They are so helpful and you meet new people. I really enjoyed working with them becasue they were able to help me and I was able to help them!


When I tell my friends about the University of Oklahoma I brag most about the atmosphere on campus. OU is such a positive place filled with so much spirit. Our football team typically is nationally ranked which brings a lot of pride to the campus and to the faculty and staff as well. Everyone on camous is proud to be a Sooner and most everyone is involved with some organization of some kind. Just walking the sidewalks of campus can make a person a smile because the air is filled with joy and fun.


Best Professors


The beauty of the school. It's a nice place to walk around and just sit and take everything in.


I brag about our amazing football team.


The chemical engineering students have a huge science and research center!


It has amamzing football and research. A wide variety of career choices. The campus is beautiful.


How cheap the tuition is and there are alot of attractive men there.


The beautiful campus and the traditions involved with being an OU sooner. There are no words to describe the chaos on Saturdays during football season in Norman. Alumni involvement doesn't stop at football, and helps with scholarships and careers as well.


The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication - state of the art computer labs and classrooms, and phase two - scheduled for completion within the next year - includes a broadcast studio audience, focus group labs and more computers. It's a beautiful building and I'm proud to be a Journalism student.


Nothing I don't really like OU


Football. Prestige.


That we beat their school at football.


I brag about how cool all my teammates are. People like to throw the OU big university label out all the time, but i could really care less. Im very lucky to be at OU, but i think the people and friendly enviroment are what makes it feel good here.


the school is big and great football team.


There are many interesting courses available. Its so close to home


I mostly brag about our football team, but I also brag about how great our acdemics and campus are. The reason I decided on attending OU, was because when I first stepped on campus, I felt at home. It was the perfect size, with a good reputation, and a ton of school spirit. It was everything that I was looking for in a school and I knew I couldn't go anywhere else.


Great program, good teachers


The education and the football team.


There is a lot of people to learn about.


meteorology program and football games


I brag about the study sessions and groups offered at my school! I love how everyone is involved with helping me learn what I need to.