University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I am actually an incoming transfer this semester.


Literally anyone could attend OU. It is a very diverse campus and feels like home to everyone who attends OU. There is a strong sense of community as well as friendship. Many out of state students attend OU and outnumber the number of instate students. This school would be a perfect fit for anyone looking for a strong school spirit and anyone who is far from home.


For the University of Oklahoma there isn't a specific kind of person that should attend here. At this University there are many different personalities and backgrounds that anyone can find a place to fit in. Not just for this college, but all others every person should be willing to work hard for what they want.


The kind of people who should attend this school is those who hunger for success, for they shall be fed. Those who are ready to work hard and believes that hardwords beats talents when talent doesn't work hard. People who are prepared to network in a positive way and lastly people who are ready to have the best time of their life.


This school has a lot of diversity and any kind of person can feel comfortable here after finding their own individual group of friends. Social butterflies will flourish at OU, but at the same time bookworms can find their niche as well.


Someone who wants the "classic/all-American" college experience--Football is a huge deal, the whole town revolves around the university, lots of Oklahoma and Texas people. It's a state school and has some of every type there. Not the place if you want a dominant culture of intellectuals or artists or researchers. Those sub-cultures are there, but it's mostly the average population.


Personally I feel like anyone can attend this school no matter gender, sexuallity, race or beliefs. one thing everyone who would like to attend should remember college is not a walk in the park its dedication and hard work, you should first be commited to your school work then worry about having fun.


People comfortable with crowds and blending into them or sticking out of them.


A person who likes to belong to many things and be a part of something very large. There are so many clubs and organizations to join the choices are so vast.


A person who is ready to dedicate much of their effort and time for school. Those who believe they are capable of much more then their peers. Those who are also looking meet many of the peole who they will befriend for the rest of their lives. The kind of students who also want an unlimited amount of activities and clubs to join when they have spare time. The University of Oklahoma is for students who want something to be proud of for the rest of their lives.


Someone who wants to experience new people and try new things while remaining true to small town life.


Any person that enjoys having many opportunities thrown there way and many new people to meet and share their college experience with. The University of Oklahoma in Norman is a great falicitator to every student on campus and puts forth effort to give students the best opportunity to lead a successful life. Also, OU allows all of the students on campus to branch out and find out what they truly enjoy in life and will make their career out of.


Someone who can either recieve scholarships or has the money to devote a lot of time to the schooling because the classes can be quite difficult.


sports, football, academics, community service, meterrology


Any person wanting to persue a higher education should attend The University of Oklahoma. There is a high diversity at the university and everyone is given an equal opportunity


Someone that is wanting the "college experience". OU is a great school, with a broad range of activities. The requirement of staying in the dorms as a freshman helps you to get acclimated to the campus life.


Everyone! The univeristy of Oklahoma welcomes every year students from all over the world. Students who are interested in having the best college experience, reaching their goals, get involve, participate in football games or any other sport, and be part of the sooner boomer tradition should attend the university of Oklahoma. Students with an interest on accomplish their dreams and be successful in life with help the of friends, coworkers, professors, and advicers should definately attend OU.


People that really desire to learn their degree should go to my school.Lots of the professors really know what they are teaching about.


To be perfectly frank, I think that any 'kind' can attend this school. I came to OU from a high school in Sacramento almost against my will. When I arrived, I was the only person that I knew in the state and I had beliefs that were counter to those of most of OU's population. Assimilating was difficult, but after my first three semesters I have built a niche that justifies my attendance. If I can find people who care about the things that I care about even though I started completely from scratch, then anybody can do that.


In truth, I do not think one has to be a specific genre of a person to be happy at this school. The students and faculty welcome any and everyone in to make it become their new home and the University seems to take pride in that. The friendly environment makes the University as welcoming as it can be and I think thats why no person has to be a certain way to enjoy themselves.


A person who is willing to work hard and put the work in to better themselves. The fact that we are a research university ups everything because you have to be above average to stay above water in any classs you take. Also a person with great school spirit because if you don't love our school than no one will.


Any type of person should attend. It is a great experience. They need to make sure that they are ready and willing to work though because they first day they put you to it.


Anyone who wants to be around some of the nicest people in the country, and still recieve an excellent education. There are so many things to do that you will never get bored and you will definitely enjoy your time here.


I believe any type of person can attend the University of Oklahoma. There are so many campus organizations that it is nearly impossible not to find something you are interested in. Everyone here is eager to get to know new people, and many are very accepting of people that may be different from themselves. Academically, there is a major or minor for everyone's interest. There are also many professors and counselors there to help you with your career path.


A person that is seeking a good place where they can receive a nuturing education and an extremely satisfying social life.




Someone who enjoys learning, is self-motivated, and wants to get a lot out of college


I think this campus has enough options that anyone can feel at home. It's just a matter of finding the right group.


Someone who attends this school needs to be independent, motivated, and creative.


Anyone with a mindset to do well and succeed.


I think anyone who wants to come to a place where people matter more than status and where caring matters more than anything. There is just a special feeling here and it cant really be explained.


Student focused on school and career, as well as enjoys being involved in activities


This school is perfect for someone who doesn't like huge or small universities because OU is right in the middle. If you are a football fan or enjoy athletics period, there are a lot of different entertaining sports here.


I thing various people can attend this school. When you walk down the south or north oval you see all kinds of people. Hippies preps gangstas athletic kids as well as several different kinds of races from all over the world. I don't think there is a certain kind of person that should be attending this school. If you had only on type of person that has the same track of mind.. not only would that be a boring school but, how would students learn to their full potential no one would be ther to challenge them.


A person that is willing to go the extra mile to get things done. Someone that knows that they will have to work hard and study hard in order to get the full OU experiance. Being able to communicate not only with teachers, but with students of all backgrounds.


The people who SHOULD attend are those who want to get the most out of their education. The type of people who are actually there are spoiled, rich kids who only care about greek life and football. Rarely do you find someone who thinks towards the future or has to work to support themselves. Kids don't reach out to one another; everyone is self-absorbed or only cares about making greek friends. It was difficult in the beginning but now that I'm married, it's EXTREMELY rare that anyone new will talk to me.


Any kind of person! This school has a very diverse student body, although it is in a traditonally conservative state. However, I do not feel there is much discrimination on campus and everybody is very friendly. This school is particularly excellent for sports fans.