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What's unique about your campus?




I think the best thing about my school are the faculty members that are helping me succeed and enjoy my experience at University of Pennsylvania. The professors are all leaders in nursing, making remarkable changes in healthcare and research. They are all very approachable and want us to succeed, even if that means staying a few minutes after class or in lab to teach and demonstrate anything I am struggling with or do not understand. I do not think many students in other programs have the chance to work with such remarkable and influential people.


The professors. They are intelligent, enthusiastic abou engaging with students, and willing to help in any way possible.


The campus blocks off Locust street in the middle of campus, which now functions as the central walkway for all of campus. It is always lite with lights and the cobblestones are amazing.


The best thing about Penn is definitely its location. There are bars to go to around campus, and there are loads of restaurants, clubs and bars just a short ride away. Not to mention that there are lots of great things to do in the city from museums to exhibits and art galleries. There is also huge parks throughout the city that split up the monotonous grey buildings. Penn's campus is gorgeous and really makes sure that there is greenery even though we are in the middle of the city. Accessible and pretty.


The best thing about Lincoln University is there is a lot of diffrent people from many diffrent places.


The best thing is the social aspect of the school. Even though UPenn is an Ivy League school, very few people just sit in their rooms all day and study; most people are really friendly and social, so making friends is a breeze.


I loved being in class with students who were as passionate about their education as I am.


The dual degree programs here, especially the Huntsman program in International Studies and Business, provide a good blend of liberal arts and pre-professional study that will prove extremely beneficial in the future. Not only are these programs well-renowned and extremely competitive, but they provide students with an opportunity to break out of the generic college requirement schedule that defines the college career of most students. Someone can really differentiate themselves by entering one of these very selective and advantageous programs.


Penn gives stuents the opportunity to find their niche. There are over two hundred different clubs which receive more than 3 million dollars of university sponsored funding each academic year, so there is literally something for everyone. I have made my best friends, had the most fun, created the best memories and learned the most about myself and about the world through my extra curricular involvement.


The inner city environment


My parents always joke saying that they don't know when I go to class. In addition to a huge variety of classes, there is an abundance of extracurricular activities and clubs - sports teams, community service, arts, political activism. These clubs give me a social network of people that have similar interests and are passionate about them. I am able to meet all different types of people by joining different groups.


The research opportunities afforded to undergraduates


The atmosphere, the resources, its so freindly everyone has a great work ethic.


The classes are amazing , and the professors are extremely interesting.


The intense energy that comes from and flows into everyone and every thing on campus: everyone is passionate about something, from Southeast Asain dance traditions to Journalism to the company they are starting. If you're ever feeling bored, all you've got to do is walk down Locust Walk, the main artery of campus, and you will find hundreds of fellow students trying to get you to come to their events or support their causes. The level of student involvement in extracurriculars is phenomenal.


The performing arts community is wonderful-there are tons of opportunities to perform, and the community itself is very friendly, welcoming, and inclusive.


The quality of the education is unparalleled in my opinion. The school's environment makes you grow up quickly, and really develop yourself. The school is very professionally oriented, and I think that's a plus, especially given the nature of the job market and economy is general. People here are generally proud to attend our school, but they can get mired in the work, and often complain.


being the social ivy. it is very diverse. many people are involved with extracurriculars and tend to party or go out to nice dinners or bars. students also, however, study very hard.


The diversity of options. Almost everyone can feel at home here if they have an open mind and are willing to try things.


its a really great school for career jumpstarting. you can major in anything you want and still get a corporate well paying job.


There is a great mix of academics and social activities available.


I think the best think about my school, at least personally, is the cultural diversity that exists in not only the student population, but in the staff, faculty, and members of the community surrounding the campus. I feel like this group of people have done such a great job in promoting cultural interaction and noticing many needs and goods that could be done for the proximal areas of Philadelphia. Our groups here have focused much of their time into helping awareness of culture, doing good for those in need and really motivating student involvement in the community.


The College House system, the resources students have at their disposal, and the ability students have to run with what they love.


Smart people who also have a social life.


The best thing about my school is the variety of people you meet and the unended opportunities you can create for yourself in the future. Everyone tends to be unique and friendly in their own ways. The school provides many doors for you to open yourself or with the help of the school to future carreers. It is easy to get involved on campus in many different ways and in many different fields.


The mix of socializing and first-class academia


Wharton is the number one undergraduate business program currently, and the faculty here is absolutely phenomenal. I've learned quite a bit from the classes and professors here, and I also love the location (close enough to new york, but smaller size city - Philadelphia).


The resources of Penn are essentially limitless, no matter what you want to study Penn is at the top of or near the top of the field.


Well I think that the academics are great and I really like all of the opportunities that an education from the University of Pennsylvania can bring. I am also involved in a fantastic dance company called Penn Dance that has allowed me to meet many great people and it has also given me the chance to work on my technique as a dancer.


Insight on a particular piece of art at Penn, as well as the social attitude at Penn.


This video describes Penn’s library and the story behind the button sculpture outside of the library.

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