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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and give my high school senior self some advice, I would definitley let myself know that I need to prepare better for college. Going into college, I believed it would be similar to high school and I would be able to breeze through without studying or having to put forth much effort. This was unfortunatley extremely incorrect and I was forced to learn this the hard way. I would also let myself know that school is important and that no matter what happens not to quit. Taking a two year break was something I regret and I would go back and change that if I could.


If I could go back I would give my self a pep talk and remind myself that life is too short to look back and remind myself to always puch forward.


I would tell my self to better prepare for future college and know exactly what field I would take. Do more research on the professionals fields.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self advice it would be to be serious about college. High school does not prepare you for the work load that college is about to bring. Take it seriously, I know Mom and Dad tell you not to throw away your future on boys and partying but listen to their advice. They aren't always wrong accept their wisdom. Take time to study and take classes on things you will enjoy learning. Step out of your comfort zone and find things you love. Do something everyday your future self will thank you for. Sieze every opportunity.


As I reflect on my years succeeding high school, I must say I’ve had quite an experience. If an extraordinary event ever permitted me to stand before my younger self and share a few words of wisdom I would take advantage of the opportunity. I would gaze into the eyes of this young and confused girl and tell her, “Your journey into the military within this next year will be one of the greatest roller coaster adventures of your life. Once that coaster comes to a stop, do not fret for an even greater challenge will arise for you to conquer, a college education. You may come before obstacles that stand in the way, whether it is personal or financial difficulties; however the key to continue to your success is hold strong within yourself”. “Remember to study until your eyes get crossed from reading, no matter what the material…there is a purpose for this knowledge I promise you this. Hold your head high through all adversities and remember the quote that you learn in boot camp, Pain is temporary but pride is forever. Striving for an education takes strength, courage, and determination. Always remember your pride is forever”.


Given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to my high school self I would advice myself to keep all my focus on school. I would tell myself that a college education is necessary for my future. That I need to keep up my grades because they do matter when it comes to being accepted into a University. I would also advice myself to apply to as many scholarships as I can becuase college is extremely costly. Knowing what I know now and not having that on campus college experience I would tell myself that it's okay to move away from home. Dorm life is a one in a life time opportunity. Don't be afraid of taking chances and moving away. Opportunities are not always around and when you get one take advantage of it and don't be afraid of making changes.


Get it together. Staying in school is easier than restarting after a 'short' break. Life has a way of sneaking by on you where so much time has passed and there never was a better time for school. If you want to go to medical school you better do it now. There is no way for you to do it in your future unless you miss out on your childrens' young years. Your mind is sharp now and classes will be a breeze. Most importantly, if you do not change your ways now you will be me in the future. I know we want more for ourself than what we have now at 35. You are without a job and recently lost your house. You are stuck in a rental with no educational background to fall back on. Stay away from Evie, Julie, & Katryn they only keep you busy in unimportant things. Go on get in the mind-set of a father and take care of your future kids now by getting that good education now. I resent you for where we are now but love you for the kids we have now. Our future is now in your hands.


There is a point when you really do get to put things in perspective. Don't wait, do it now! Cheryl, there will come a day when you wish with all your heart that you had stayed in school. You will be a single mom raising three amazing children, you will be looking a college when you have one child in college and one about to start college. And while it would be a great lesson to them that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Think instead of what it could be if you said, I know you can do it, because I did. There is such satisfaction in education, you will find that you spend your life learning. It is one of your great joys, so jump in, tackle your fears, take one day at a time, enjoy the process. Transision is necessary, it is what connects you to the next part of your life. Most importantly, just keep going no matter what... Life is a blessing, treasure each and every moment.