University of Phoenix-Hawaii Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to brag about how professional yet lenient the facilitators are and how they are willing to work with you.


I brag mostly about all the resources that are given to us. There is no possible way to fail if you utilize all your resources. There is resources to help guide you in writing your papers in the proper APA format. There is resources to help you if you need counseling. They even break down the scholarships for you so that you now which ones you are qualified in applying for. There is no way, except procrastination that could have you fail.


I always wanted to attend at University of Phoenix because it was recommended by my friends who recently graduated at University of Phoenix. It is a very good school because it accommodates students who are working. The counselors are helpful, and the teachers or professors are very knowledgeable with the courses they are teaching. Learning Team really helped me a lot. I am very happy that I enrolled at University of Phoenix. Lastly, I agree that UoP does have a good reputation for letting just about anyone in and makes it available for everyone who want to pursue their dream.


I tell my family and friends that I love my educational experience since attending the University of Phoenix. The instructors are great and are always understanding and patient with the students and the advisor's are awesome.