University of Phoenix-Illinois Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to work harder, pay close attention to details and study more. If I could go back I would tell myself to actually try to do math instead of just complain about how hard and frustrating it is to do. I would say listen to the teachers, they really are trying to help you. I would also tell myself that it gets better and that the life I had as a high school student, changes for the better when I get to college. I would tell myself that I am worth more than what my family tells me I am and that I really am smart. I would say look, I just finished my bachelors degree and never failed like everyone said and that I am going to start my masters degree in the spring. Most of all I would tell myself that it is alright to set goals for yourself and to strive to acheive them and that it is not at all being selfish to want a better life for yourself.


The best advice I could give myself if I could transport back in time would be not to give up on going straight into college after high school. I thought I would take a year off of school and come right back. It was one of the biggest mistakes that I wish I could have switched. After leaving high school I had a really good paying construction job but the building market crashed. I had not saved that much because I lived a lifestyle that suited my paycheck. I had to hit a brick wall real hard called reality and its a slap to the face. I had to pull myself together and start all over on a career. In order for me to succeed I realized I needed to go back to school to further my education or I would be stuck with a job that pays minimum wage for the rest of my life. The hardest lesson was I lost 7 years of my life and have nothing to show for all the years of hard work. Education is power; the more you have the more opportunities you will have to succeed in life.


Repeating highschool was a drag and towards the end I let my self drag across my grades. I would tell myself to keep focused and to stay on track with everything. Doing what needed to be done besides what I wanted to do. They say highschool is supposed to be amazing, I don't agree or disagree , but sometimes being social causes me to get distarcted from my responsiblilties. Taking these steps into college are quite scary, but I know I have the determination to really better myself. School is more then really just a future for me, it helps keep me focused on something in life. At home I have everything I really need so there are not many distractions to deal with. In my mind there is no reason why I can not succeed depending on myself to complete my responsibilities. During highschool I wish I did take notes to remind me what needs to be done, luckily with online schooling all of my assignments are available to me throughout the whole week. This way I am able to work ahead if I knew something were to come up. Organization would of helped with staying focused.


I believe I would tell myself to work hard and that I can make it through by persevering and believing in myself. I would also tell myself to network and try to find out about as many scholarship opportunities that are available and what school would best fit my needs as far as being challenging and helping students to understand concepts that help them in their future jobs and with critical thinking skills. Additionally, find a school that is align with my work ethic and rewards students that work hard and really want to grasp and understand the material that is given to them. To find a school that challenges students to think outside of the box and a school that realizes the affects of globalization and how it will affect future jobs and industries that provide those jobs.