University of Phoenix-Kansas City Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


High School self.....don't be afraid of this unknown journey. Use every tool given to your advantage to sucessed. You will face different people that have traveled different roads keep a possitive attitude and you will make it through.


If I could talk to my high school self knowing what I know today I would tell me to rember 3 things. 1) 'dont put off tell tommorow what can be done today'. Procrastination gets you no where,so stay ontop of assignmeants because once it piles up its not easy to catch up. 2) Get to know your classmates and teachers they make great support systems. 3) Don't forget to take time to relax, take a breath and look at the clouds.


i would encourage them to start as soon as possible


Hello Self, Don't be dumb. Be financially responsible and understand that everything you borrow, you will have to pay back. Go to college right after high school. What do you have to do right after high school more important than college? Putting off college just gives you too much time to get into trouble. It is much easier to do homework without three children continually needing your attention. Do everything in moderation, including having fun. It is okay to let loose, just do not let that determine who you are or what you do. Work hard and get good grades. Learn as much as you can in college. You will have to pay for it either way, might as well get something out of it. GOOD LUCK! Love you, Self


Assuming I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself the advice to go to college straight after high school, I would say that its tough but you can handle it. Leaving school and having the will to go back is harder than adjusting to college life straight out of high school. You would obtain your degree sooner and with less hassle in your life. If you think you’re going to make more money if you work instead of go to college after high school, think about the money you’ll be making after your education. You might not see it now but in the long run the best choice is a college education! The sooner you get started the better. You’re eligible for financial aid; therefore you don’t have to worry about student loans maybe until after your associates’ degree. I know right now it doesn’t seem like the most thrilling thing to do but trust me I’ve been in those shoes before. First impressions matter and the first thing most emloyers look at is education.


"Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure,"-Marianne Williamson. This quote resonates with me immensely as I lived in fear and apprehension of commitment and the responsibility of living up to my full potential. After high school graduation in 2003 I’d dreamed big for several years but accomplished little limiting myself and shortchanging lives I could impact because of fear. As a member of this society, it is my social responsibility to obtain as much knowledge as possible and use it for the betterment of humanity However, I had to overcome trepidation because there was always one dream I had to bring to fruition; earning a college education. A college degree is synonymous with strong-will, achievement and advanced opportunity, an honor I earned in 2011. Despite this accomplishment, I could have achieved more had I not been intimidated by self-doubt. If I could rewind time to 2003 I would push the play button fearlessly and tell myself that I am not "nadequate, shrinking does not serve the world and as I become liberated from fear, others become liberated too."


I would advice myself that it is easier to just continue on with college after high school because you are in the school mode and have study habits established. You will be able to start your career much sooner and hopefully be making good money before you are 30. But I believe you have to be mentally prepared to go to college and I was not ready. I'm afraid I would have wasted time and money and still be going back. That's a tuff question.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior so that I can make a smooth transition into college life I would have met with my school counselor once a month to be sure that I am on the right path. I would have set college goals that would allow me to be successful as well as goals that were attainable. I would advise myself that I should take my education more seriously so that I would not be stuck in a career that I don't care for but I work just to make ends meet.