University of Phoenix-Nashville Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Phoenix-Nashville Campus know before they start?


I would have not waited so long to attend college. I would have jumped into UOP instead of going to Nashville State community college. I would already be in a job of my choice if I had went straght to college instead of taking off for a while. Don't let "money" take over you. Making money can sometimes not last long. Do something that will make you happy in the future.


Justin this is yourself in the year 2014. School has to come first without it you will reach the glass ceiling in most corporations. You are a talented individual share yourself with the world and take every opportunity that is handed to you. Be smart you are fairly successful now you have a beautiful baby girl in 2014. Justin if you do not go to school now you will miss out on time with your daughter in order to further your education. You will work in the most successful industries your talents and skills will only get you so far though without a degree. Although, at first it may seem like a hassle the alternative is much more gloom. So go to college make your family proud be the first to graduate from college and flaunt it. What you do now in the year of 2006 is a life changing event. I have a really good life but I have a few regrets and missed a lot of great opportunities because my priority was girls when it should have been on me going to school finding a great job and having a house and home with your wife and children.


Eat more Chinese food. Take the road more traveled because you'll meet more people there. Don't be afraid to stick out, and don't be afraid to become friends with those already doing so. Be reckless with everything but your heart. Take the subjects that actually interest you, it may be your last chance. Treat professors like actual people and not grading robots, you may actually get to know them one day. When asked to join marching band, say yes. In fact, say yes to just about everything because you'll never know what you've missed when you say no. Jumping off abandoned bridges at midnight is a good thing. Have passion. You'll never have more time to be passionate than you do right now. You have your whole life to be serious, so take it easy for now and don't sweat the small stuff. You'll find your best friend in college, so start looking. And most important of all, choose the major that you actually like, even if your job prospects are slim after graduation. You'll never regret learning everything about something you love. In short, breath deep and enjoy!


I would tell myself to wait until I knew I was ready to commit to college but to make sure I go. This is a big step for anyone and they should be prepared to take on the pressure. I would tell past Holly to not be scared to make this step. It is easier to do it then than it is for me to do it now. I would explain the possible struggles that she would encounter by waiting or not attending. Making this choice will be the best desicion we could ever make. We can do this now or later Holly!


I would tell my former self that education is more important than you realize. As a high school senior I had no intention of attending college. After 20 years of manual labor and dead end jobs I realized how important an education really is. I would say it is hard but it will be worth it, stay focused and get it done.


Looking back on my highschool years the first thing I would tell my young self is to work hard and focus. Teenage Mary: Don't get distracted and do your best. Spend your time and money on things that make your life better, rather than things that make you feel good. Always use your time and money to build assets and leverage in your life, not just to get to the next bit of time. You can do better. Be poor for a while if that’s what it will take, learn the value of Money. You can do better for yourself if you place all your priorities first and get everything done. It's okay to be poor for a while if that’s what it will takes, you will have time after you graduate to explore and play around. In life don't necessarily assume that "a job" is the only way to go. Consider options that can make you the master of your own destiny. Maximize your potential and challenge yourself to go above and beyond.


Despite any hardships that you have endured, you are fully capable of graduating from college. Do not let lack of confidence and insecurities prevent you from reaching your goals. Always be courageous. It takes courage to stand up for your dreams. There are people that will doubt you, and remind you where you came from, but do not let that deter you. You have to remind yourself where you want to go. Just because they live in the past, does not mean that you have too. Continue to look forward, and always strive for the best. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and do not be afraid to succeed. You were not put here for mediocrity. You have a divine purpose. Many obstacles will try to hinder you, but maneuver around them so that you can be the woman that you want to be. You will graduate from college, be great mother, and have a carreer. You will also be in a position to make a difference in the lives of others. Do not hesitate! Go to college right after you graduate.


I would advise myself as a high school senior to pursuit a college education sooner than later. A college education is a boost to your self-esteem because you are doing something that assures the rest of your life. If you do not take education seriously you end up in dead-end jobs and dead-end situations often times feeling regretful and a bit of a loser. Everyone needs a little pride in themselves, knowing they have worked hard to bring improvement into their lives. At youth we have dreams to become someone who can make a difference in our world and in the lives of others, but obstacle and circumstance can prevent such dreams and we may eventually give up. Yet, the thing is not to let whatever is in the way to stop you. Decide before senior year what you want for yourself and walk that path. Search resources and alternatives that can help you get there so you can be proud of yourself, knowing you have made those efforts. Sometimes without the proper education you do not have a lot of places to go, most especially if you do not even finish high school.


My advice would be to take my final year of High School seriously. I had a full time job and was taking care of myself and I did not want anything to do with school. If I could do it all over I would put it in my head that I had to suceed and that I wanted to further my education so that the process would not be as difficult as it has been. I would tell myself to not give up and one day all of the long nights and hard work would eventually pay off.


What I have gotten out of my college experince is the courage to go after my dream without being afraid. For years I have encourge others to go back to school knowing that with an education you have options. So when I say go after a dream I mean to obtain a dgree in a field that would benifit young people. My college experience has help me to conqure my fear of fallen. I have gotten the experience people from diffrent walks of life. I have applyed these diffrent diversity to help me to grow in areas of my own weakness. Through work and dedication I have proven to myself I can start a project and see it to the end. This has been valuable to me because I was the one who did not get to what is said" to walk". So when I do come out I will feel how so many has felt before me, hearing my name called while I walk across the stage. This will be valuable and worth the wait.