University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I think online campus students are very outspoken. We have a place where there are many groups people talk in many discussions. Some stuff can deal with classes, news, religion, politics, or anything someone post up to talk about. Everyone is welcome to join any and give their opinion. Some people don't agree with certain discussions but they know how to be kind about it.


My classmates are intelligent people.


My classmates are diverse from all backgrounds and different ages and that creates a very creative learning environment.


Most of the students in this university have a good view of the world, there are some students that are bigoted but you can get that anywhere.


My classmates have all been kind, caring, considerate, and motivated as individuals and as a team.


My classmates are very helpful. Although I go online we still chat with eachother and we help eachother out through class discussions and private messages. I would like to go to an actual campus but going online was the best thing for me and I would recommend it to anyone.


everyone in my class helps one each other out.


I attend class online at university of Phoenix and the students who attend are well rounded.


Always participating in every thing that needs to be done, whether it be participation, learning team's assignments, emails, or even class messages.


My classmates are simply amazing; they are very active in the classroom and can keep a discussion going strong, and they are more than willing to help you out when you need an extra little push.


The classmates are all very informative and they all are very helpful. We are all striving to reach our destinations in obtaining our degrees.


Because the University of Phoenix is an on line college, the classmates I interact with come from a richly diverse geographical, cultural, and socioeconomic background. This can be challanging when we are working in the Learning Team Model because of differing time zones, but overall I find that this diversity adds to the academic experience rather than detracting from it. The diverity of my classmates provides me with the opportunity to encounter a wide range of view points, which expands my knowledge and broadens my understanding.


A diverse group of people that I have never seen nor met personally because we attend an online college.


Great future leaders that will make a difference in todays society.


I can really describe them only commented on some of thier work posted.


My classmates are very different.


My learning team are the one's I communicate with the most and they are understanding and patient.


rude, and narow minded


My classmates are fun, people from different ages, races, backgrounds, with all different types of ideas and areas of interests.


While I am in the third week of my first class I can describe my classmates as 'like me'. We all have different backgrounds, but we all share a common end goal, a degree.


They are helpful.


There is a wide variety of people working together to understand a concept or lesson.




They like to party.


Even though my classmates are from various parts of the country, we all are committed to helping each other do well in the classroom.


My classmates are people looking to advance their careers and enhance their lives by learning new ideas and concepts that they have not been exposed to previously.


My classmates are men and women that are dedicated to achieving their personal and professional goals by doing what is necessary to succeed at the University of Phoenix.


My classmates are the best they motivated me to do my best at whatever I do. I am so proud to apart of such a postive school. I aattend a college before The people were rude and was all for themselves. I am so pround that everyone are so hands on and are willing to work together to get the job done. I like to work alone I believe that with the learning teams you are able to get second opionions about important topics.


They seem to be very friendly. Don't talk to them have online classes.


My classmates consists of students from various backgrounds with many different paths.


My classmates are helpful when needed.


My classmates are bright, energetic people that love to share ideas.


My classmates at the University of Phoenix-Online Campus were very helpful in opening my mind up to different cultures around the world, they brought all kinds of different veiws to the class.


Classmates are diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds.


My classmates are a diverse group which are located all over the U.S. There are quite a few service men and women in my class, a few single moms, and some business professionals. It's beneficial during class discussions to have the diversity, which provides different viewpoints and insights on a topic. Most of us are new to the on-line classroom setting so we are able to communicate with each other on the same level and learn from each other.


My classmates are very helpful, always willing to help me whenever I do not understand and need extra assitance.


It seemed that the students in the online class were dedicated to getting the most out of the class; they put in the necessary work to learn from the materials.


My classmates at the Univeristy of Phoenix are mostly adults with families and jobs. We all have unpredictable schedules and responsibilities that do not allow us to physically attend courses at a school. We have chosen the University of Phoenix because the flexibility of the courses that does not require us to leave our home or rearrange our lives.


The classmates in the courses I have previously and are currently taken, are generally very acceptable. There has never been any conflict about the course material or external material. My school requires an abundant amount of discussions between classmates about the material, and all of my classmates have been extremely helpful in the knowledge that I have with me today. When I need assistance, there is always feedback and support. They provide their real life experiences as a way to help other classmates retain the subject matter.


My classmates are amazing, very supportive, and dedicated.


The classmates that I have met so far within my classes, are committed , helpful, and inspiring individuals whom I hope to model from.


My classmates are nice, helpful, and on point.


For the most part my calssmates and myself had only one goal and that was to get by each course with a good grade and an great learning experience.


My classmates are a group of diverse people from all backgrounds and walks of life.


Small online classrooms very easy to navigate online.


Very diverse and open-minded; able to participate and discuss different topics even if the views are different from their own.


got to post alot


My online classmates are very motivational and supportive!


my classmates were working individuals that were all looking forward to finish their schooling. We all worked in teams to learn together and share our experiences in aspects to our classes also. Hard working classmates that all thrive to be successful.


There to learn, finish school, and not much else.