University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell everyone about changing classes every 5 weeks, and yet still havent carried a single text book or been forced to buy a scantron for a test I knew I wasnt going to pass. Those tools are not nessesary for online school. My back and my hands feel a lot better on a regular basis.


I am able to do assignments throughout the week in my own time. When working with groups on learning teams, the instructer is there to mediate if a problem arises. Over all, the only way that you can fail is if you simply don't try.


When telling friends about University of Phoenix-Online I tell them about only having to be online for a few hours 3 times a week


I like to point out that I don't have to attend class early in the morning. I have a flexible schedule which I complete my work in on my own.


Honestly I just brag about earning my degrees. It's a great feeling to have received your college degree and know you've accomplished your goals.


When it comes to the classwork, I can handle it! The classes are in blocks which means no finals! It has its' times in which the workload can be overwhelming, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because this classroom setting is the one that I understand and feel the most comfortable in. I would recommend this place to everyone that wants to go back to school.


That its flexible and I can work on it without leaving my responsibilities.


I love the student support team. They are always there for you when you need them. If you have any questions about school or just need a little confidence they are always there to give you that push. The New Classroom is a great experience. Class participation is a breeze if you do the reading and interact with your classmates on their post as well. Everything you need to pass the class is in front of you and doing a little googling can make it even easier if you find video based on your class. I love being a Phoenix!


Nothing honestly, I dont tell my friends where I go to school at..


I brag about how easy it is to complete my assignments and participation because I can choose when to get it done, as long as it is completed by the due date.


I brag the most about how much the instructor is there for you, there was plently of times when i didnt know what to do and i would E-mail my instructor and i would get a reply within 12- 24 hours will more then enough information.


How helpful the staff is.


While showing them, I tell them how much free time I have, how much I am learning, the great diversity the school allows for and provides, as well as the focus of the instructors being very student oriented. I have encouraged many, many of my friends and family to attend Phoenix online because I truly believe that this is one of the most sound investments I have ever made in my life.


I brag about how I am 49 years old and finally going to college. I brag about my grades and ability to actually do the work after a 30 year hiatus from school / academia. I brag about my motivation for going to college and the great things I will do with my degree when I achieve it.


The UOP is preparing me for my career by offering me the right education tools. I feel that I will have a good grasp on my career field before I graduate because of the UOP. Online learning is difficult but it is teaching me to be responsible, organized, and work hard. I will succeed because I am a Phoenix!


The thing I most talk about is how wonderful doing online school is because I can work on my own and at my own pace.


The most exciting thing about my school are my advisors. It doesn't matter when I call them because they get back to me at the earliest convenience or talk to me then and there. I love how I feel that the faculty actually care about my success and will send me emails and phone calls saying how proud they are of my accomplishments.


The overall thing I brag about in reagrd to the school is its online schooling system. With classes being online there is no excuse for not beiong able to attend school, as the appeal of online is attending school as needed, but at our leisure. Being online allows students top attend once or multiple times a day.


That classes are comprehensive, include much content for discussion and that I can go to class on my schedule not someone else's.


The University of Phoenix allows working adults the chance to improve their lives with additional education on a flexible schedule.


Currently I have been bragging to friends, family, coworkers, and pretty much anyone who will listen, about my GPA. I've been maintaing a 4.0 while working full time and single parenting. This is a huge accomplishment for a former high school drop out. As a mother of three school age kids, it makes me proud to share this experience with them.


What I brag most about my school to my friends is how I am able to get my education all online. With my friends also being parents and having to work full time they need a school like this that can work with you. I also brag about the personal who helped me enrolled. She was amazing and is still there for me when I need her.


I can study in my pj's in the middle of the night. I can work at my pace.


I tell them how easy the school work load is, and how I am able to balance my school work with my schedule on a weekly basis to work full time and still have a okay portion of down time to still hangout with my friends and family.


How easy it is to find the time to actually do your class work. I tried attending college 25 years ago, and it did not end well. I was trying to work a third shift job and went to an oncampus school. I was always pressed for time and running late trying to get to class. Having the ease of using my home computer saves me a lot of time that I can spread out to be with my family.


I brag most about the care the faculty places on your education. I always feel as though my professors and advisors truly care how I am doing with my academics, and that makes a HUGE difference. I know that I have extra members of my support group.


the ease of use and the professionalsim of the falculty and students is amazing. I love the class structure and the availability of my courses from any device I own!


As a student that have not attended school in over 20+ years, I brag about my success. I have learned so much in my first two years at the University of Phoenix. I was afraid at first attending school online, but I have been successful. My success is because of the fundamentals here at the University of Phoenix. My education is important not only to me, but my instructors and my advisors. I am able to maintain balance in my busy life and if I am struggling I know I can reach out to get guidance at any time.


The University of Phoenix shows sincere interest in helping their students reach their fullest potential in educational studies and beyond. Their resources are designed to help the students while attending school and after graduation. The faculty and other staff are very friendly and professional, always wiling to assists those in need. I did not think that I would do well in college (*I have been out of high school for 30 years), but having the support and resources with this university to help me has made me even more determined to finish and seek another degree.


The thing I brag about the most when I tell people about university of phoenix is the fact you can check your papers for plagirisim before turning it in.


What I love most is the online access to my classes. All of my textbooks are digital and so is my classroom, this fact makes education accessable everywhere. I love that they have an app on my phone I can look at on my breaks at work or while I wait in line at the doctor's office. My classes are always applicable to my current occupation and my desired one.


I let them know just how easy of a process the advisors make of the application for becoming a student and financial aid. The course work also makes you involved in the material, allowing you to actually learn and retain the information. I'm proud to learn from such an institution and works to make the best possible grades.


To my friends, I brag about how well I am doing in school and the people I am lucky to talk to. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and that I am not doing it alone. It gives me the encouragement to continue to do well in school and the confidence to make new friendships. My friends are constantly pushing me to do even better, and being better is what I strive for. Being able to complete college as a goal, gives me the most bragging rights I ever aquired in my life.


When I tell my firends about my school, I brag about how much feedback my teachers give me. Since starting my Bachelor's program, all of the teachers that I have had so far are very helpful and answer questions in a timely manner.


I usually brag about the fact that I can almost work at my own pace and that I can post respondses to discussion questions or older classmate posts whenever I want to as long as I do 2 posts on 3 seperate days. I also brag that I can do certain things from my phone, which is a plus since I am not always home.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is that I don't have to wait in long lines to talk to someone like my academic counselor, financial councelor, etc. In traditional, brick and mortar schools, I would have to wait in line to register for classes or make an appointment to speak with counselors, at University of Phoenix, my counselors call and check on me.


I brag the most about my school because it is online I can do it around 7 children, a husband who is a full time student and housework. I do it in my time. I also get to do my school work in my pajamas and dont have to worry about being 43 and going back to school for the first time in over 25 years dressed fashionably.


I like how my school, University of Phoenix, cares if we graduate. They are very helpful, and there is many advisors that help us through out are schooling, until graduated. Another thing I think is great is that the University of Phoenix has many resources I can use to perfect myself in, labs a remarkable library, also resources like plagerism checker or WritePoint. WritePoint is a tool that you can check your grammar on your papers, I have learned from it too. Come to the University of Pheonix Online Campus, and find out yourself.


When I tell my friends aobut my school, I like to talk about the ease of completing courses while still being able to work and take your classes on your own time. Also, I like to tell them how much the advisors care because when I was enrolling they did their best to walk me through every step of the way and make sure I understood everything. I also like the fact that the instructors are genuinely there to help when you need it.


That they are there with you every step of the way.


I brag on the convience of being able to go online. I also brag on the support I have received from the faculty and staff, they are always friendly and doing what they can to help.


Online school is more difficult than traditional school because y9ou have tyo be very focused and have the ability to learn on your own.


The library offers instantaneous, excellent access to research information/Library contents. The school promotes use of the library and allows extensive use of materials therein. This is great for business and psychology majors. Library spans most of last century, and includes APA citation generator in EBSCOhost linked material, a huge plus. Unfortunately, I could locate little to no recreational reading in the library, sadly.


I always brag about the fact that i can go to school in my pj's and if i want to do homework at 2 am i can. the flexiblity is amazing. Plus they are extremely helpful.


I don't brag. I do tell people I do homework though.


I brag about my experience being an online student. How much it has change my life and how my decision to father my career has made a impact to me. When you tend to make a decision to do something it tends to give you such a great feeling of moving forward into the career path that you are working hard to accomplish. I let people know that I'm in college and working on a wonderful degree that will help me someday open my own business or just work for someone who will help me move up in business.


I am not one to brag, honestly. I am just proud that I have taken the step to earn my degree as a single, working mother. My friends and family are very proud that I am going to earn my degree in June.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about the University of Phoenix, would be the convenience of continuing my education at home with my very hectic schedule. As well as how helpful the professor's, academic advisor and all the staff at University of Phoneix are generally concerned about my Education, making sure I have all the tools, resources and guidance need to further my journey in the carreer choice I want to accomplish while still having fun.


How accomodating it is!


I tell them that Phoenix is a good school and has provided me with the tools needed to make my professional career come true.