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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Past me I have some much to say in so little time. I want to say just because you are ahead of everyone in your class does not mean that you can slack off. There is still so much education left todo. It will be so much easier if you are able to remember all the informaiton you have learned since school. It is very important to take what you learned and use it when you get to college.


The advise I would give to myself is to not get pregnant during my junior year of high school , having a child at such a young age made finishing school so much harder but at the same time a goal that I knew I had to achieve for my daughter. Being a parent came first for me. Therefore, I had to going to college on the back burner. Returning to college as an adult while working full time and having a household to care for has been quite challening and it is a goal that I am still learning to deal with transition. Make school a priority, and stay focused on the end result.


My Dearest Juliet, You did not have the positive parental role models to know how to do this life thing, and I am here to tell you that the path you are going to take is only going create emptiness and financial hardships for yourself and your wonderful kids. Speaking of them, show them Now that you can rise above the teachings of your parents. You have the opportunity to become more than what you have been told. Your an amazing woman who deserves the greater things from life. You are smart, talented, creative, diverse in your knowledge based inspirational. You posses an inner pease that people in life only wish for. To further your education after high school will boost you much further than you could ever imagine. Forget about the life you were taught to live by your parents and jump into what is the best gift that you could ever do for YOURSELF. My dearest Juliet, If I would of known the incredible benefits this experience would be, I would have pushed you harder in the positive direction. Love yourself now, like you do today. Be who you are suppose to Be YOU!!


Don't be afraid to try new things and branch out! Research scholarships and attend college faster out of high school! You can get an excellent degree that will propel your career further than you can imagine!


Do not take free education for granted. In a few years you will have to pay for an education that does not compare to the lessons you are given for free each day in high school by amazing, seasoned teachers and peers.


The advice I would tell myself is to have an idea what I want to really do but be open to other opportunties/ areas of study. I like to have everything and planned out but because I do I often miss out on opportunities and such that can develop me as a personal and my journey of studies/career.


You always hear teachers say, go to school for what you want to be when you grow up and the type of career you want. But you never really know what it means until you have encountered it. As a high school senior, I am unsure of my career goals. My parents were pounding in this far-fetched career inside my head - "to become a Pediatrician." However, I did not want it for myself. Through my second year of college at UC Riverside, I switched majors twice and ended up dropping out because I was tired of figuring out what I wanted. My advice to my high school self is: "figure out what you really want that you will enjoy. College life is a process in which you find your true passion. Transitioning from high school to college is difficult. If you major in something that you don't like, don't be scared to switch to something you know you will enjoy. Persevere and don't drop out." I ended up maxing out on my financial aid loans, and have to pay $2,000 out-of-pocket expenses. That is why I am applying for scholarships now.


I if could go back in time to talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to work hard, stay focused, and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself not to give up, to pursue my higher education, because in the long-run it will pay off. I would remind myself that money is not everything. Instead of focusing on getting a job, I would say to focus on getting a career instead by going to school. I would tell myself that I am smart enough to continue to pursue a higher education and that I can do it. I would also tell her to not be lazy and do not be afraid to fail. Everything I want is going to be on the other side of those fears. I just have to be strong and brave. I’m capable of more and deserve to have a better life. I can pursue these dreams and accomplish more in life. Stay in school, stay focused, do not be afraid of the unknown, and trust yourself. Do not let anyone or anything get in the way of your bright future. Good luck.


Individuals are comprised of a plethora of personality traits that he or she constructs throughout his or hers maturing process. I can remember back to my freshman year of drama class, after each individual enacted their monologue or scene the teacher would have the class respond positively and with constructive criticism. The constructive criticism was my Achilles heel, I would get so frustrated and angry at other individuals commenting or condemning what I had worked so hard for. The real issue was not those who were assessing me but instead I lacked the self-confidence to hear what others were trying appraise. If I could go back to ‘freshman me’, I would tell him “Hey Allen, it’s okay, you can make a mistake every once in a while, don’t be so highly critical of yourself”. Work more on your ability to communicate on many levels and use your good sense humor in helping to supersede more levels of formal communication. Humor facilitates viewing the world with a wild and wacky perspective yet control over where and when humor is used must be guarded advantageously as to be tactful.


Apply to all the colleges you want to attend once the school year begins. Do not get psyched out. Just because you are doubting yourself now does not mean your future will be bleak as well. Great things will come to you, just push through this pain now. But remember, never put your health on the back burner. You will regret it in the future. If you work too hard and don't remember to take a rest break you will end up with something called fibromyalgia and trust me, you don't want to end up like your future self again. It is a very painful experience- both physically and psychologically. It makes you feel older than you are by messing with your cognitive process as well as causing phantom pain and spasms. Take care of your mind and body- they stay with your all of your life. Everything else will come to you as become more of the adult you were forced to become to early in life.


To search for scholarships and grants for school. Start to take college trips to find out information about the school education expenses and all the living status a college students needs. I will also advice myself to take school serious and not to mess around. Also to take advantage of the opportunitys that are being offer to you because it will be not be offer twice. To be greatful that financial aid will help you to graduate if you do your part as in going to school and getting good grades.


That trust your self and not to rely on others to help you because in the end its up to you whether you want to suceed in life or be stuck in a minimum wage job struggling. In high school you do stuff that you regret growing up for example ditching classes for no reason. School is important because depending on the level of education you get, is the type of salary you will be making. In high school I didnt know how to acknoledge this type of information instead I was worried trying to fit in and be cool. When I look at these people now they are not successful in life and thank myself I changed for the better. The reason I decided to change was because I wanted to make my mom proud of me, my goal in life is one day to be able to tell her that dont worry dont go to work that I will take care of her until then I am not satisfied.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself. I would definitely tell myself, life is deifferent after high school. In hight school, you don't have any responsiblillies. Nothing to worry about. I would tell myself to concentrate on school more than just partying and worry about who likes you or who don't and trying to please everybody. Because after hight school, things like that don't matter anymore. You will have to concentrate on school and graduate and find a good careerr instead of waiting on tables all your life. You will find out you are on your own, no more parents to help you. You have to find a job to pay for your school and living expense. That is waht i would tell myself if i could go back in time.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would tell myself to never give up the dream. Education is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to improve not only our lives, but others as well. It is a worthwhile stepping stone to achieve the growth that is essential to being successful in life. The commitment of time, money, and effort is well spent, and an endeavor to be proudly undertaken. Sometimes the road of achieving a goal such as a degree, is difficult and requires constant persistance, but it is attainable. As I begin to reach some of my goals by completing my courses, I realize even more, my ability to believe in myself and what I am doing. As I stated at the beginning of this piece, I would tell myself that l should never give up on my dream of having a college education, and of establishing myself in the community as a worthwhile person, who is able to give back to society in a meaningful way.


I just recently enroll to college. I believe is a great expirience to have the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, and persue my dream, and overcome any barriers that can came along the way. I also learned in a small period of time. That we all have fears and challenges, and the only way to overcome them is to face them. Is so value to me, because this is something that will change my life as well as people around me. This is something that I never thought I could do. But I have giving my first step, I want a better life for my kids. This is so value to me, since I'm the first in my family to attent college, also I'm giving my kids a good example by letting them know that never is to late to accomplish your goals and dreams. I


If i go back in time to my senior year of high school I will advice my self to take sat test and apply to a four year school. Another thing i will advice my self, to take the right classes in order to finish all requirements as fast as possible. Take the right amount of units and have a balance schedule in order to perform better in school.


Since I went to College right after my senior high school I do not have any regrets at all and so glad and happy I did finished it right away and enrolled straight to BSN program.Knowing the fact I know how college life is very challenging but yet rewarding I would have done what I have done by going to College right after high school to be where I am at right now and no regrets that Education is the most important thing and wealth I have in life and will continue to pursue my education as long as I am alive.


The advice that I would give myself would be to stay committed to earning my education and degree. I would want myself to know that although taking a break from school seems like a not too serious decision, it is probably the worst one to make. Once you make the decision to take a break from your education it is extremely difficult to return to school. Often what one person thinks will be just a semester break from school, ends up becoming 10 years or more. It would be much easier to complete a degree program when you don't have any other distractions or commitments. In addition I would want myself to understand that the things you give up in order to obtain your education is completely worth it in the end.


Study hard, work harder, and commit to always doing the best work you are able to do.


Whatever you need to do to go to college, do it. Please do not get caught up in things you cannot control, and do not let the lack of family support derail you from what you know you can accomplish. Unfortunately you will have to leave people behind, and even though it is not in your nature , you must. In order to help those you leave behind, you have to accomplish something your environment can not take away, a college education. Obtaining a college degree will be hard, and it will test the best parts of you. Paying for college will be the hardest part, and you will find yourself in a state of constant hunger. Curb your appetite, buy only what you need, and remain proactive in your search for funds to pay for your schooling. As you mature in age there will come a time in your life when you will want to own something, to manage a department, or go on vacation. If you don't obtain a college degree you will never be able to accomplish those things.


I would tell mself to breath and just take the first step. I always thought that it was going to be so overwellming. I would tell myself to go and just speak to somene about all of my questions ad concerns. And tht taking the first step isn't too hard there are a lot of people to help you out, and the outcome will be so amazing as well as the experience.


The advice I would give myself is that being in college is serious business, its by far different from high school. for example, if you miss a day or two of class in high school, the teachers will have the make up homework there for you or send it to your house. But im college, it is YOUR responsibility to go ask the professors what notes and assignments you missed. Your paying professors to teach you valuable information you can use in life and the real world. This is a time to buckle down and focus, yes it nice to have fun to help relieve some of the stress from studying, but not everyday is meant for that. Also take the initative to ask alot of questions, especially if you dont understand something or stay after and talk with the professor, take advantage of group discussions, tutoring and study halls, this will give you a higer advantage when it comes to test and lectures. Finally dont take on to many classes or activities so you can have time to study and time for yourself. Basically enjoy your time in college and make the best of it.


Do exactly what you're doing, don't change a thing.


Hello Ms. Lura, I see that you are a longer and believe in getting a good education, but what I like to share with you is keepping your eye on the prize and staying focus on your complishments. Write down your goals and post it somewhere so that you can look back on it and highlight what you have completed. Attend college as soon as you complete high school, so that there will be no procrastination and in the long run you will have the time to pursue other options after you have achieved your goals. Keep you finances in order and try not to live above your means, because before you know it you will be able to see yourself living the good life and feeling financial secure. Experience living on campus and communication with new people, stay focus and alert. Don't be so quick to judge, keep an open mind. Strive to be all you can be and don't be afraid to step out the box. Be yourself, have integrity and honesty with whatever you do and choice. Love you and you will be loved.


A chance to advise myself of mistakes to come would be an invaluable experience. Like all teenagers I felt invincible and did not heed the advice passed on through teachers and staff. I would let myself know that it is ok to not always be working to have obscene amounts of money saved. As it stands I have nothing to show for it. Looking back I would rather have spent my time with friends or doing school work, not asking for extra shifts. Perhaps it would seem that I pushed myself pretty hard to get things done- however I did not like to rock the boat- and so never complained when in a situation not beneficial to myself. After 3 consecutive years of an ineffective math teacher- I gave up trying to follow along and chose to read novels in class. I wish that I had pushed harder to be placed into another class, with a different learning style. Ah, but to live it again I would choose to come out of my shell much sooner, to have closer friends, better relationships with those I already had, and the chance to push myself farther than anyone else would.