University of Phoenix-San Diego Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about UOP is the way courses are set up. Giving the majority of work load online with a four hour on campus class once a week in the evening. This gives us working adults the advantage of futhering our education while still maintaining a full time job. The advisors and counclers are there to help in anyway that is possible and will adjust schedules to help in keeping your successful.


Flexible course schedule, online courses available for the people who work and goes to school.


The flexibility. This school is great for a working professional.


Accelerated pace program- awesome


There are no breaks within the online program. Once you are finished with one class, the next day your in another class. It doesn't give the student time to slack off. This allows students like myself who are over the traditional college age to obtain thier degree in a minimal amount of time.