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i am alloed to feel comfortable to makemy own decisions instead, of someone making them ofr me


I did not really consider other schools; therefore, I have no idea what differences exist.


University of Phoenix is unique in that class room time is only one night each week. However, the faculty and instructors are readily available.


I love going to school online through University of Phoenix but having a campus right here in Tucson available if I need any help or tutoring! University of Phoenix has been so great and supportive in pursuing my education. I looked at other online schools but UofP seemed to be the best option. Lots of other schools are not accredited so even if you finish a degree program you may not find employment due to accreditation issues.


The University of phoenix allows students like myself to go to college online. This is very helpful to people like myself who may not have the chance to attend college any other way. Not to mention the feedback and time that they take to interact with you is amazing. My advisors are very concerned about my progress and check in with me regularly.