University of Phoenix-Southern California Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


One of the best things about the University of Phoenix is that they are all about teamwork. It becomes a group dynamic for everyone to succeed and because UOP is about teamwork, they want you to succeed. It gives students a taste of what it is like to work in a group setting and sets us up for life in the work field.


The ease and close proximity of the campus to my home is a true blessing but the teaching skills of the professers are enjoyable to learn from. When you are hungry to learn, professors can teach a lot. Thier real world experince is facinating.


I believe the best thing about being a University of Phoniex student is that I get to choose my schedule. I get to choose what day and what time i go to class, and that is very crucial for me because I also have a job, and not having to worry about changing my work schedule to fit around my classes gives me great relief.


Communication, because it enhances students ability to comprehend material being taught and help students implement their knowledge into the workplace.