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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Now that I have been in college for about 3 weeks I would tell my former high school senior self to stay organized. It is very crucial in college that you stay organized and prepared to do the work. The advice i'de give is to never procrastinate. procrastination can cause you to make bad grades and you may feel rushed and time constricted. I would also tell myself to look for scholarships. Not only can you recieve student loans and grants but scholarships are a great way to earn some funds for college. There are alot of scholarship oppurtunity out there. I would also tell my former senior self to choose a college or university that fits your needs and that is a good fit for you.


I would have to say go directly to college after high school as it will be much easier and better to understand.


If i could travel back in time I would tell my highschool age self, I had to drop out before my senior year, not to be afraid to take the GED test and start college cause i would do a LOT better than I thought I would. My fear was that I wouldnt pass my GED test and not be able to go to college. I was diagnosed with bi-polar when i was 16 and it made my low self esteem even worse, this had me believing that I wouldnt be able to pass the GED test and keep from attending college. Not only did I pass the GED , but i scored a lot higher than I tought was within the realm of my potential.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I do now about college life and making the transition, the first thing that I would be sure to tell myself is to carefully search out colleges throughout high school so that I can choose a campus to further my education that fits with my personality. Often times students drop out the first year like I did because they pick a school based on popularity or location. It is very imperative that a student's choice of school is based on key elements like the nature of the campus; are you a person who works better in smaller classes? If so you may want to choose a smaller campus so that you may have the opportunity to work one on one with your professor. Also it's very important to make a decision on a school based on the financial burden. Too many students have had to unexpectedly pick up part-time jobs or even full-time jobs because they were unaware of the fact that student loans and grants were not going to be able to pay their tuition.