University of Phoenix-West Florida Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Sell yourself. Learn to market yourself. Every day, every job, every promotion will depend on how well you can present yourself to others. College isn’t about having your life mapped out, or even about discovering where your goals are. College is about making you the kind of person who is able to achieve their goals once they discover them. It’s okay to change your mind, your major, even your address. But make sure that everything you do helps you become a better, more marketable person. Take an extra seminar, study abroad, join the military. Make a promise to yourself to live as much of your life as possible. If you do this, if you develop yourself, it won’t matter what bridges you want to walk later in life, because you will already have the map.


The advice I would give myself is to focus and take high school serious and finish it because if not I will regret it in the future. I will say to myself not to let anybody or anything get in the way of finishing high school because to be able to achieve my goals I will need to finish it. I will also say to take the advice from my mother and listen to her because she knows what is best. I would also say, to take advantage and enjoy a little of that time in high school because when I get to college I will need all of those memories to get me through the hard times and the late night in front of the computer finishing those 1,500 word papers for the next day class.


I would tell myself to get on the ball and try to figure out what is really important in his life, to not forego what is ahead and put it off as long as I have. To make those dreams a reality, instead of pushing them away to another day and make me wait so long to come to a final decision so many years down the road. And also to keep some hope alive to know that if he went to school then his life would be just a little more diversified than it is at my present time. To also ask why his heart is not in into doing something with, and for himself. I would not try to belittle him but encourage him and let him know that things would be fine if he stayed in school and furtered himself in any way he can.