University of Phoenix-West Michigan Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have told myself to not wait six years inbetween like I did. I should have went back to school before having children. If I would not have waited so long I could have been almost done with my masters degree if not done with it already. I also would have told myself to save my money because paying for schooling is going to be expensive and right now I do not have any back up funding I live pay check to pay check. Take schooling very seriously and do not slack off. Your education means everything.


to start as soon as possible and dont let one second go bye without taking advantage of it


The advice I would give myself, is to get all the education I can while in high school. Every credit hour and performance records count towards college. The things I learn in high school will prepare me for college. Get tutoring and extra help for things I do not understand. Stay focus on school, because pleasure and fun will come along later, high school is a time to take serious. I dropped out in the 10th grade in 1987, and went back to school for my GED in 2000. I am now in college and I encourage all high school students to make high school work, it can be hard, it does have many distractions, however, we will get out of it exactly what we put into it.