University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is small enough to keep me comfortable, but big enough to hold everything I need to get what I need as far as 'college experience' in concerned.


This branch college carries with it: The university of Pittsburgh's name, a great location, beautiful campus, a large amount of computer accessability, current software, and great professor accessability.


My school is a school with many different diversities as well as many different majors and extra cirricular activities for the students to enjoy with themseleves, parents, and friends in which they have made for life.


Pitt Greensburg is a small liberal arts college outside of Pittsburgh that is very focused on helping the students to succeed in achieving their goals for the future.


A mild pace for a good learning and scenic environment.


Just the right size, and very interactive with its students.


A good place to learn and earn a degree in a small town setting, yet is close to everything and it allows one to have fun while learning.


THe greatest place on earth.