University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Pittsburgh is a place where students can be focused and successful with their career paths while still having an exciting social life including volunteer work, clubs, and anything else a student would want to be involved with.


Pitt is bursting with spirit and pride for its phenomenal academics, activities, and athletics.


Out to get my money that I don't have.


Just big enough


An academically focused, friendly, and spirited campus.


There is always something fun going on, no matter what your interests may be.


Colleges, despite size, will come with challenges that you will have to face without your parents by your side. Your first semester will be a huge transition and you might or might not have difficulty coping. I was lucky to come to a small campus before transferring to a bigger one within two years. It has given me insight on the type of student and worker I am, and this knowledge is vital for the progresion of my college career. I have learned how to make myself known to teachers, and have been given the advantage of learning that.


At the University of Pittsburgh, school spirit is pervasive - students are serious about their studies but also willing to take advantage of everything that the campus, as well as the city, have to offer.


The University of Pittsburgh is a vibrant, intelligent, and fun school that allows you to get involved with campus activities and make your transition to college an exciting, enjoyable time.


A wonderfully well-run, beautiful, clean, welcoming, unique institution in a stimulating, affordable city.


The University of Pittsburgh provides exceptional academic and social opportunities, a beautiful campus and numerous benefits that come with living in an urban environment, as well as an exceptional faculty, resources, and advisory programs that will provide me with the means to achieve my full potential as a pre-med student.


Hail To Pitt!



A fantastic city university that is dedicated to its students success and betterment.


It's small enough that nothing is more than a 20 minute walk away. Lower campus has 2 main streets (forbes and fifth avenue) that run parallel to each other and have most of the things you'll need. Upper campus is a 5-10 minute walk upwards (campus is pretty hilly) and is more suburban. It has some dorms and athletic buildings. (I use the word campus, but keep in mind it's not a closed campus. Thus, while there is a disproportionate amount of academic buildings and college kids, there are still typical businesses and normal people walking around, especially hospital employees.) Maybe the best way to see what campus looks like (aside from actually visiting) is using google earth and taking a virtual tour using street view. Some areas might be a little outdated, but it's a great way to walk around campus virtually.


Does not care about students.


My school is very open-minded, dedicated, inclusive


University of Pittsburgh is a fantastic experience.


A great college for students interested in a liberal arts education or a specialized degree from one of the schools: School of Nursing, Business etc.


The University of Pittsburgh's main campus is very spread out over Oakland, which is why the city of Oakland is referred to as "our campus".


The University of Pittsburgh combines the fun and adventure of city life with the warmth of a close feeling community while balancing school work and recreation.


Great school but too big.


The perfect mix of city and country, with plenty of art, sports, and music to fill all your spare time.


The University of Pittsburgh is an incredible institution with countless opportunities to advance oneself in positive and productive ways inside and outside of the classroom; all in all, a Pitt education will make you a life ? long learner and will help you become a better being in every way imaginable.


You're a number, but you're still important to us.


The city is our campus.


Our school is very active and full of events to cater to all types of interest and hobbies, our school spirit depends on our teams success but we have a lot of spirit when its necessary. Diversity is prevalent everywhere and the education is well worth the money.


With its urban campus within walking distance of many beautiful parks, interesting museums, and cultural venues, Pitt is a university set on preparing its students for their place in the world no matter what field of interest or background they have and provides numerous experiences and opportunities to its students and surrounding community that benefit everyone in the city.




Pitt really does a lot to help kids experience the city of Pittsburgh.


It's very busy and hard to park!


Pitt like any other school has its positive and negatives; I think more negatives than positives though.


A brief walk through of some of the popular spots to eat lunch and some facilities that Pitt offers its students.


Pitt is a very large school but since it is in a city there is a lot do to and see other then just drinking with your freinds every night so it's important to get involved and take advantage of it's size and everything it has to offer.


Unique, inspiring, soulful, and easy to find your niche.


A school within the city of Pittsburgh (the city with a 'drinking and sports problem!') that emphasizes in Medical, Science, Business, and other Research-related careers/majors.


The University of Pittsburgh is an awesome school with lots to do in a fun city.


This school is perfect.


Pitt is a well organized and competent school that empitomizes American college life (i.e. drinking and partying) without sacrificing academic excellence.


Very diverse and successful


The University of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area is extremely diverse allowing students to become a cohesive and cultured community.


It is a great campus and academically challenging.


The Univeristy of Pittsburgh does everything it can to make this the best school for students to learn and become successful in life.


This place is full of three types of people: People who you can casually chat with, hang out with on the weekend without having to party all night, people who party every weekend (Thirsty Thursday included) and don't have much of a personallity at all, and people who hardly understand what you're saying due to a language barrier.


It is up-beat and exciting and there is so much to do and experience.


Fun filled and engaging school with an emphasis on academics and reponsibility to the future.


PITT is a very large, city school which can have both its pros and cons; there's tons of variety in majors, activites, cultures, and people, so there's something for everyone; students and professors are outgoing and friendly; and overall it excells in academic excellence, having undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and professional degrees/schools with expert, scholarly professors, and a major focus on research and career placement.


Fun, city environment, academically challenging, and lots of spirit


Pitt is an awesome school.


The perfect mix of everything, not too big, not to small, diverse classes and people, great location, urban campus but it doesn't feel that way.