University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The Oakland Zoo is the greatest on campus organization. The frats on campus are very anti-social. It is a very "with us or against us" mentality.


Pitt has a very diverse community ranging from people of all ethnicities, religious groups, social groups, and beliefs. This makes the Pitt experience quite unique and filled with all kinds of opportunities.


Pitt is mostly full of rich, straight, spoiled White kids. You will find other types of students though and they are not afraid to admit they aren't the majority population named up there. Students don't really DRESS to go to class, it's relaxed. Different type of students interact if forced. Most students are from Pennsylvania. Those here don't receive much money from the school and are on loans or Mommy and Daddy pay. There's a mixture of political-affiliations.


I have had interesting experiences with Pitt's student body. While there is diversity among the student body, it is extremely limited. Students from different backgrounds usually don't interact with one another. If there were four tables in a Pitt dining hall, the demographics of each table would probably look like this: International students at one table, Black students at another table, White students a table, and white liberal students (including LBGT students)at another. I think Hispanic students would feel out of place because Pitt is definitely lacking diversity in that area. Most Pitt students are from Pennsylvania, and some are from surrounding states on the east coast. I don't know the financial background of most Pitt students. The majority of Pitt students aren't politically aware/ active in any way.


There are a lot of groups on campus for different races (African Student Org, Asian Student Alliance, Black Action Society, Chinese Student Assoc, etc. etc.) But there are not necessarily a large number of minority students at Pitt. There are a number of organizations dealing with various social issues (refugees, AIDS, literacy, Darfur, hunger, etc. etc) I think that different types of students interact. Many Pitt students are from PA. I think that although much of the campus is apathetic, there is a strong political force. Most students seem to be liberal.


All groups are represented. they might not be as intermixed as one would like. I think latino students might feel out of place, only because the latino popln at pitt and in Pittsburgh is pretty small. Students wear whatever..sweat pants, jeans, dress body cares. Everyone interacts..ofcourse! Many students are from around Pittsburgh or Philly..and east coast. Students are quite politically aware and is a biggg gdeal on campus..and most are quite liberal. People don't talk about money as much as what sorts of jobs they hope to get.


Most Pitt students are from either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Pitt students are definitely politically aware/active, predominantly liberal. Most students just wear regular clothes to class, i.e. jeans and a tshirt. Of course different types of students interact.


I always thought Pitt was a really diverse collection of people who, as far as I know, get along really really well together. I've never felt like race was a big issue at all. I also think that most Pitt students have a generally good fashion sense. My girlfriend who goes to UVa has commented that Pitt is collectively well dressed compared to UVa and the College of Charleston where the used to attend. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at Pitt except maybe republicans. There are a small number of republicans at Pitt but overall it's a disgustingly liberal place, and I say that as a liberal. Pittsburgh has always been a very liberal city as well. Students at Pitt are very politically conscious and active and we like to talk about politics a lot. Not just the PoliSci majors etiher. I like to think that most Pitt students aren't super wealthy so the campus and the student body has a really down to earth, slightly egalitarian, blue collar feel to it.


It's a big enough school that every class and race etc is represented although it does seem predominately white. I think students coming from other countries might feel the most out of place. Most kids wear regular clothes, jeans and a tee shirt or sweat pants and a hoodie.. the usual. Four tables at the dining hall would have a couple people having lunch who would leave promptly after eating.. no one chills at those places. Students are for the most part politically aware on both sides, smaller subsets take an active role in the community.


I have had mostly good experiences with racial and religious affiliations on campus. There is honestly NO student who would feel out of place here. I can see anyone fitting in here, there is honestly a niche for every single incoming student.