University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school (University of Pittsburgh) is best known for having extremely rigorous courses in the majority of the science fields, especially in the Nursing school.


I would say it would be a toss-up between athletics and research. The school has competitive division 1 teams and has one of the highest research endowments in the country, wth many industry-leading professors leading the research.


In my opinion, Pitt is best known for its sciences and more specifically medicine. This is actually one of the reasons I ultimately chose to come to Pitt since I am a pre-medical student.


My school is best known for it's excellent sports teams and immense school spirit. It is also known as being academically excellent, and having something which everyone can enjoy.


Medical and engineering programs


Probably its medical program.


Our school is best known for its research and sports.


The University of Pittsburgh is best known for its research and research oppurtunities. There are tons of professors that


The most popular and well liked tradition at Pitt (as far as I know) is singing sweet caroline at the football games. Kids love it because at the end of the third quarter, the whole stadium sings in unison, and then screams "sweet caroline...lets go pitt" together instead of the typical "sweet caroline... bum bum bum". I'm probably the only person at Pitt I know who doesn't like it. I don't like it because it's not a very "football-ish" song, and it brings about a cheerful attitude often at inappropriate times. For example, if it's a tight game and we just let up 2 touchdowns to allow the other team back in the game, I don't think that cheerful attitude is appropriate. Also, even when we're winning, I'd prefer a more intense/pump up song. My personal favorite traditions are at the basketball games. I'd say my favorite is when the other team's starting lineup is being announced, the oakland zoo (student section) holds up newspapers (as if they other team isn't worth our attention) and then screams "sucks!" after every player is announced (ex. Austin Rivers... SUCKS...Seth Curry...SUCKS). We also do other things like jump up and down and scream while the opponent is on offense, and distract them when they're shooting free throws.


We're best known for our excellent health related programs, great basketball, a fantastic city, and a good student life.


Pitt is well known for research, in particular in the sciences and in medical fields. We have very strong science departments in both undergraduate and graduate schools, and there is a lot of interaction between departments and schools. We're also well known for our athletics (especially football and basketball).


Probably our sports teams, mostly basketball.


My school is best known for their science programs.


The Pitt Panthers football and basketball teams and the outstanding medical programs.


University of Pittsburgh is best known for its sports! Our basketball team is infamous, and the football games are amazing. In addition, we are a top rated school in America and well known for various programs such as Nursing, Education, Pharmacy, and many other programs.


University of Pittsburgh is best known for its science and research. It has a fun, safe and multi cultural envirnoment. This school is encorporated into the city of Pittsburgh, and has so much to offer, while in school or post education. the city is very student friendly. Attending this university has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me both in my studies and socialy.


The University of Pittsburgh is bst known for its sports teams, as well as its medical and engineering programs.


My school is best known for the research it does. It is a very research based school, especially when it comes to the scientific fields. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a huge hospital and research chain throughout Pittsburgh This school also strives for academic excellence as well as prides itself in athletics. Our football and basketball teams are nationally ranked, so we have a lot of school spirit here.


PITT is best known for our athletics, mainly basketball! We are currently ranked #9 in the Big East Conference with a record of 15-2. As a future medical student, I am most familiar with PITT because of the medical school and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


The University of Pittsburgh is a very intricate school, know for its studies. However, it is also known for its outstanding athletic programs...sepcifically football and men's basketball.


The University of Pittsburgh is best known for the Cathedral of Learning. The Cathedral is a very large building here on campus that is an architectural beauty. Inside the building there are many rooms known as nationality rooms, each of these rooms representing a different culture. Not only are they shown off to the public, but they are taught in as well. It is a grand place to visit, which our President Barack Obama and his wife got the pleasure of doing so during the G-20 summit here in Oakland in September 2009.


My school (The University of Pittsburgh) is probably best known for its excellent Pre-Medical Professions programs. There is an excellent hospital system here in the city of Pittsburgh, and that gives many opportunities for the students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations.


I would say the school is best known for it's health professions, with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center being available for further education, research, and other opportunities. We also have great athletic programs at the school. This year Pitt may be best known for it's top ranked basketball team which was number 1 twice this season.


This school is known for its athletics as well as its researching facilities.


The city campus and its football and basketball teams.


Research, UPMC med school.


Lots of majors to choose from, sports, lots of activities


Sports, theatre




healthcare and engineering


I'm actually not sure... I'm attending for the Japanese program because it's AWESOME!


Medical School


I believe it is best known for its engineering program and its basketball team.


The engineering department, and nursing program, and its location to several major hospitals


The University of Pittsburgh is best known for the Cathedral of Learning, which is the second largest education building in the world. It is also known for the amount of science research that is done here.


Their medical program, sports (basketball)


parties, hard work


We have some super grad programs and professors, and the campus itself is pretty neat with the Cathedral of Learning. That really sets us apart. Other than that, we're known for being Penn State's biggest rival...


We have a good med program. The school is partnered with UPMC and theres a lot of hands on experience available.


This school is famed for many different aspects including philosophy, medicine, engineering and more. It is a phenomenal state school.