University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The hills. The worst is rushing to class and having to battle an uphill fight, literally. Its even worse if it is hot out and you get all sweaty for class because then it seems like no one wants to sit in the seats near you.


The hills. The worst is rushing to class and having to battle an uphill fight, literally. Its even worse if it is hot out and you get all sweaty for class because then it seems like no one wants to sit in the seats near you.


Honestly I truly love my school but the food is awful, so when picking a meal plan you're going to want way less swipes and a lot more dining dollars, and even still you're gonna wanna have money to eat at other places. Also the weather will give you some surprises some days.


Honestly I truly love my school but the food is awful, so when picking a meal plan you're going to want way less swipes and a lot more dining dollars, and even still you're gonna wanna have money to eat at other places. Also the weather will give you some surprises some days.


It was difficult coming in as a transfer student to the business school because by the time the business students' were in their 3rd year together, my first year coming in as a transfer student, groups of friends had been set and familiarity with certain people was already there. There isn't much of a set campus either so a transfer student commuting did not provide for a good environment to make friends.


The worst part is probably that there is a definite lack of diversity which is something that I feel is an integral part to education: being exposed to other's values and cultures and learning how to live with others who don't share the same background as myself.


The worst thing about my school is also a great thing about my school: it is completely research focused. Pittsburgh as become one of the central hubs in the USA for research. However, it brings some professors here who seem they only teach because they have too.


The worst thing would probably be the very hilly campus.


It is impossible to find a place to study that isn't around a few hundred people


It's very far away from home which will be quite difficult since I haven't ever spent much time away from home. I am the last of four children, so I've always been surrounded by family or at least people I know. Going to PITT would mean knowing no one.


The worst aspects about Pitt are the weather and the hills. The weather tends to lean towards a cold and dark/cloudy forecast. Also, during the winter there tends to be a lot of snow and rain. We do not get to see the sun as much as I would like. Second, the campus is broken into two parts: lower and upper campus and as someone who lives on lower campus it can be tiring and difficult to get to upper campus when need be.


I am the type of person who complains endlessly about things, however, at the end of the day I come to realization that what I have is possibly more than what another person does. Although I was not thriled with the idea of coming to a small campus, I have to come to enjoy my time here and to be grateful for the amazing opportunity I have been given. I have acquired the same skills students in big campuses do, but in a more relaxed fashion. Due to this, I am unable to find the worst thing about my school.


The worst thing about Pitt, besides the dreary winters, is dealing with bureaucracy. Getting permission to complete internships can be a headache because you go from one department to another and nobody seems to be the "right" person to help you. Freshman advising is mediocre, and upperclassman advising is disorganized. Trying to get help with advising and logistical matters can be frustrating.


I think the worst thing about Pitt is that I can't participate in or appreciate all that surrounds me. There are just too many things to do and see at all times of the day/moth/year; at times, even when I'm busy with schoolwork or volunteering or friends or my jobs, its easy to feel like I'm missing out on other opportunities, just because I constantly hear about something new to be involved in or to go do in the city or around campus.


The worst thing about University of Pittsburgh is the weather changes. It can be warm one day, cold the next day and raining right after that.


Occasionally the University will be overly solicitous to the city of Pittsburgh's whims, to the detriment of the students.


I would have to say the worst thing about the University of Pittsburgh is




It can be hard to get appoinstments with staff/faculty and there's not enough study space.


While the University has many world-class departments, there is a great deal of emphasis on sports and athletics. The city can also be very boring and there is little to do aside from partying on the weekends.


I think the worst thing about Pitt is the weather. This is not a school for someone who cannot handle the cold. It snows and rains all the time, so you have to just get used to it. Unless there is a blizzard, you also have to realize classes will not be cancelled, unlike friends at other schools. But when the weather is nice and over 50, everyone is excited, happy, and wearing their springtime clothes.


I don't think they give enough financial aid.


The worst thing about the University of Pittsburgh would have to be the surrounding neighborhoods are not the safest. I have had friends who have been robbed while walking the streets. One more thing would have to be the food. Although it sounds minor, college food continues to get worse because they cook in bulk which ends up ruining the individual plates.


There are hardly any places to hang out with friends at nights and weekends.


The worst thing about my school is its focus solely on th sciences. If you are not majoring or planning to major in any science related program, then there are not many options for you. The Business School is also alright, but besides that there is little despite its size.


The food served in dining halls is lacking in many areas including flavor, variety, and healthy choices. Being a young woman raised in a household with delicious hot meals served every night, I am quite disappointed in the poor quality of food served at the University of Pittsburgh. I try to avoid eating at the main dining hall: Market Central because the menu never changes and the food is unhealthy for the most part. I feel as if my parent's valuable money was put to waste on this meal plan because I have become reluctant to dine on campus.


There is nothing that I have discovered yet that I don't like about my school. I'm a freshman and I was blessed to get a large room and a descent room mate and a schedule just like I was in high school.


The fraternity life really takes over all other social acitivites on campus. Even though Greek life is officially only 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our population, it feels like much more. Also, though Pitt is considered "racially diverse", I don't feel the diversity on campus since people tend to stick with their own races.


I would say the worst thing about the University of Pittsburgh is probably the available of good quality, affordable off campus housing. While the University is excellent at accommodating students with on campus housing up until their junior year, the apartments around campus are in poor condition and not worth the price that landlords charge. However, since these houses are all that is available the students don?t have a much of a choice come senior year.


I attended a Catholic High School and my parents were able to afford it. However, even though they offered some financial aid, students who may have benefited by attending this college preparatory school may not be able to if they do not have the financial means to do so.


I don't think the University of Pittsburgh really has anything that I would consider the worst thing. If I had to say something, it would be the topography. Pittsburgh is a very hilly city, so sometimes walking to class is a complete workout, but I will compromise that for the great education I am receiving.


I think the worst thing is the financial aid they offer because I was an excellent student in school, yet they barely offered me any scholarship money.


No financial aid help, bad advising


I don't think there is anything wrong with our campus. I guess as a visitor, i could see why many people get lost, but once you've been on campus for awhile you get use to the place. Also, i don't think it is a flaw because majority of the people on campus are friendly and willing to help. Many people answered my questions when i was lost on campus my first few days.


The weather! People told me that it rained a lot in Pittsburgh, and while it does, I was expecting a lot worse. What is bad now is the snow and the cold. You walk a lot here, and I was not prepared for being outside as much as I am. It takes some getting used to.


To be honest, I don't consider any part of the University of Pittsburgh Bad. The walk up to upper campus may not be the most fun in the cold, but we have the option of taking a shuttle, or getting well needed exercise. I enjoy being here, and was stumped to think of something "not so great" about the University of Pittsburgh, only to realize that there is no "worst thing", in fact, even for its large size, it's a pretty amazing place to be.


Tuition has recently been increased and is likely to do so again before I graduate. The cost of higher education is constantly sky-rocketing and state schools used to be the least expensive option. However the increase in tuition is causing even state schools such as mine, to become more costly and less logical for students.


I think that the worst thing about the University of Pittsburgh is the housing. I am a transfer student and am therefrore not gaurenteed housing. There are too many students and not enough places to live that are affordable and safe.


People like to drink and talk about their crazy weekend. There should be more stuff to do that does not involve drinking.


Advisors making sure you have all of your pre-requisites done. It was scary for me because I figured out myself that I still needed to add one more class my last semester of college. I started graduate school this summer and would have had to differ my acceptance because of a culture class that I had not signed up for. Luckily I figured it out and signed up for it at the last minute.


The worst thing about Pitt is that sometimes you can get so easily distracted, especially if you're living on campus. You have lots of work to do for school, but the campus can be so distracting, I tend to procrastinate a lot.


The worst thing about my school is that there isn't a lot of space where there are green lawns.


The amount of tim eyu need to put into all your classes. In high school all your teachers took into the fact of other classes but in college they are only conserned of there class, but I guess thats how college is. I handle doing all the work but sometime it can be stressful


There's always a lot going on. It does become difficult to balance a social calendar with school work.


Some departments have no common space where students can socialize.


The lack of very good advising. The advisors don't give the studentsa good idea of what their getting into when they sign up for courses. Some advisors are better than others, obviously, so it's really the luck of the draw.


There is a strong focus on career choices or taking business focused courses, even in the humanities. This is challenging because it presents learning as only a means towards a career or job and not a positive and worthwhile activity in itself.


The commute!


There are limited opportunties for scholarships at my university. Most students might get a scholarship during their last year if their GPA stands out.


On the university level, you get back what you put into it. So if you approach your future with a positive attitude and a driven mentality, you will reap most of the benefits there are available. However, the only downfall at Pitt is probably the weather. As uncontrollable as it is, the unpredictability of poor weather definitely keeps you on your toes. All in all, there are no negative remarks to be made. As stated above, it is what you make of it.