University of Pittsburgh-Titusville Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a small, organized safe envioronment.


My school is very challenging, demanding, yet fun.


My school is small, one-one with the teachers for extra help, the students get to associate with the community, offers a four year program in business and nursing that can aslo lead into a job after graduation, a two year progam for students planning to major in other four year degrees in other schools or to main campus.


small campus, good acedemics.


University of Pittsburgh-Titusville is the best place to go to school for your two years undergradute; due to the attention that you get from your professor and because your able to get things done and is able to let you focus because its location is in a small town.


My school is small, but it lives up to being a Pitt branch campus.


Small and everyone knows one another.


Choosing a secondary institution of learning can be the highlight of one's senior year, and the most stressful. Like all universities, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville offers many opportunities for a prosepective student. The small campus containing roughly 500 students provides a diverse community. The professors are helpful, and want to see you succeed. Also, there are various residential buildings to choose from. UPT offers many extraciricular activities varying from Nursing Club to the Pitt Basketball team.