University of Pittsburgh-Titusville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the nursing program the best thing about my school. One reason is, because I'm in it. It is tough, but I'm learning so much. My teachers are very knowledgable. Many people in the health profession told me that this was a good school. If you make it through this program, then you can pass your boards. Many students from other schools have a hard time passing their boards. I came to my school to get the best education to s prepare me for my profession. I couldn't ask anything more of my professors.


The University of Pittsburgh at titusville is small so interactions with professors is more personal than a bigger University. Also since the school is in a small town there are no distractraction from your school work.


The best thing about my school would probably be the cafe.


I most enjoy the smaller class sizes at UPT. It makes the experience feel more personal, not to mention it makes getting to know professors much easier. If a student needs help they can easily get in touch with an instructor for some one-on-one tutoring which can be a life saver. The small-town feel is another aspect I like since I grew up in a similar environment.


The best thing about Pitt at Titusville is that the teachers really care about you. They want you to succeed. Because it is such a small campus, the teachers can really get to know you and try to help you in any way the can.