University of Portland Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for having great nursing, engineering, and business schools. This school is also known for being big on soccer, especially since there is no football team and the team is Division I even though the population of this school is around 4,000. This school is interesting because it is a Catholic, and sort of conservative school however it is on the outskirt of Portland, one of the most liberal cities anyone could find. This school is also known for being small and supportive. Teachers know your name, and recognize when students miss class.


University of Portland is best known for the amount of service activities its students participate in. There is a large sense of community on campus and everyone is committed to helping each other have the best experience. There are many opportunities to get involved and a variety of service projects offered. Many students participate in service in the immediate community and many students participate in service learning immersions where groups travel to different cities, states and even countries to help serve and reach solidarity with those in need. Without service University of Portland would not be the same amazing school.


The University of Portland is known for their exceptional rates of after graduation jobs. Most students that graduate the University of Portland are givin a job opportunity within 3 months of graduation. Other students have a job lined up before they even graduate. The University of Portland creates hard and well trained emplyees that are very sought after in the job feilds.


University of portland is best known of the study abroad program. We have an extensive programs in Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Europe. Most students who came back from the abroad program gave positive views on these program, it challeges you to adapt new enviroment in a short tme of period and expecets you to challege yourself to step pass what you thinkyour limit is, it also prepared them for success; to be success, students believed that we must be able to interacting betweeen multiple cultures and capable of analyzing issues on global level.


Being a top school in the west, the nursing and engineering school, the network and assistance available to students,.


The University of Portland is best known for its community, location, and focus on educating the whole person. The school has a reputation of having an incredibly warm and inclusive community. People also know of this school because of where it is situated, overlooking the beatufiul city of Portland. And perhaps most importantly, the University of Portland is known for its very deliberate focus on educating the whole person through a liberal arts curriculum. Instead of taking classes just in one discipline, each student takes core classes and different courses through many different departments.


University of Portland is known for many different things, such as the School of Nursing and the Shiley School of Engeering but really what stands out is the Shepard Freshman Resourse Center. It's a unique place that is designed to help freshman. Not many schools offer such a place. The Freshman Resource Center is known for making sure that freshman succeed and shows that students really do come first.


The best on campus food in the northwest, nursing and engineering schools, and our magnificent bell tower.


The University of Portland is well known for their commitment to the development of the whole person. The university is not only focused on education and career preparation, but also making sure students are healthy, happy, and well adjusted. Students at UP learn how to serve lovingly, lead justly, and to never stop learning.


The University of Portland is known for many things. It is known for having outstanding academics, not only for the basic graduation requirements of the University, but for all majors and minors that are offered here. It is known especially for its very selective acceptance of students, it is difficult to get into this University not only because they are private, but because they have high expectations of their students. The University of Portland is also known for it's welcoming, supportive andencouraging community. Everyone here; faculty, staff, students and alumi are around to help all students be successful.


University of Portland is best known for it's oppurtunities to study abroad, close student-teacher relationships, close-knit environment, and a lot of community service oppurtunities. All the staff and faculty is very supportive when it comes to studying abroad. There are many options to do this, and a lot of majors that go alongside studying abroad. Also, everyone is helpful and encouraging towards one another. There is no where you can go where you won't see a smiling face! Lastly, the way the school gets involved with the community of Portland is impeccable.


The University of Portland is best know for its academics; however, I would insist that a close second is the women's soccer team. Academics are so important, that is the reason most attend this university. But, in order to make the most of college, one must also be social and why not do that while watching a soccer game with friends. We have the most students attend games, and each bring a high level of energy that is incomparable to anywhere else!


The University of Portland is best known for it's Women's Soccer team, which has produced several Olympic athletes. The emphasis of the team and supporting the team are incredibly important to the University of Portland. The games bring people together and there is quite a body of fans that come to every game. We are also known for our Nursuing and Engineering programs. Both programs are competitive, and only a select number of students are admitted into the Nursing program.


The University of Portland is probably best known for it's womens soccer program. We have one of the best womens soccer teams in the country and our graduates have been a staple of the womens national team for years (Megan Rapinoe, Stephanie Cox, ect.) and the school comes out in full support for the team. We have topped womens collegiate soccer attendance records for multiple straight years, and our dedicated fans make Merlo Field a great soccer environment and a very difficult place for the opposition to play.


Besides our wonderful Salzburg program and the heavy ROTC presence, I would say we're best known for our teachers. I have yet to have a teacher who didn't enjoy teaching everyday and who wasn't truly gifted at it. I don't expect to encounter one. Every teacher I've had at UP so far has cared immensely about his or her students and put all of his or her time and effort into bettering the classroom environment. I really appreciate that.


The University of Portland is well known for its academic excellence. It is also well know for its athletic accomplishments—especially the feminine soccer team. University of Portland thrives to form students with strong academic, personal and spiritual skills that help them achieve their goals.


The University of Portland is best known for it's four year graduation statistic. The University of Portland is all about making sure that you know what you want to do early on and planning the best course of action to get your degree in only four years. The University of Portland is also known for it's Education and Engineering programs that they offer. These programs are some of the best that you could be a part of.


University is best known for it's friendly, close knit enviroment. Classes are small so there is no problem getting to know people quickly, and there is always a familiar face around campus. The religious affliation connects and bonds students in a whole new way. Teacher's care about your future and are always there for their students, because they want them to succeed. University of Portland is best known for it's friendly, welcoming community.


Nursing program and womans soccer


University of Portland is best known for its tight knit community, wholistic educaiton, exquisite staff and faculty, and an unbeatable soccer team. Not to disregard it's prime location on the bluff, reputation for communitiy service, and the multitude of athletic and scholar professionals who went on to win gold medals, awards, and other recognition around the world.


Difficult curriculum and a strong nursing program


The University of Portland is best known for their excellent nursing, business, and engineering programs. They are also recognized as being a small/medium size school with great statistics of students graduating with jobs in their fields. The students and faculty at the university are extremel welcoming and supportive, and make it easy to adjust to living on one's own in a new learning environment.


The school is well known for the great programs it provides for those who wish to become nurses, engineers or teachers. They ensure, especially for nursing and teaching majors, that the students are getting the experience they need for their career choice. In fact, most of the teaching majors start working within a classroom in their first year. Nursing majors will start working in hospitals in their third year. This is great for allowing the students to gain some experience and ties to workplaces for later use.


The small class sizes and great one on one interaction with the professors. My classes are almost all under 30 students and its really easy to approach professors during their office hours so establishing a relationship with your professor is easy. Its great how professors can actually communicate with students during class.


UP is known for good academics, small class sizes and highly sought after graduates.


University of Portland is known for educating the hearts and minds of students.


The University of Portland is best known for their nursing program and their engineering program. It also is known for it's dedication to community service and the extracurricualr acitivities for the students.


Our amazing nursing and engineering programs! We pump out some great people.


My school is best known for it's well-roundedness. University of Portland excels in both academics and athletics. It has been rated highly among other schools and the soccer teams have won nationally. The students are exposed to many cultures and is extremely diverse. The community is great and I feel so comfortable and welcome that I could talk to anyone.


My school is best known for the quality of its academic programs and the women's soccer team.


My school is best known for its prestiege. Not many students are accepted, but those who graduate are known to be very intelligent and receive higher job opportunities than just entry level jobs.


The nursing program is very popular.


Womens soccer.


Womens Soccer, Nursing And Engineering School


Women's soccer. Engineering. Nursing.


Beautiful campus Smart students Great professors that are willing to help one-on-one Private Catholic Great Nursing program which is incredibly rigorous


The nursing or engineering programs, being catholic


Women's soccer team, nursing program


We're known for our Catholic influence, our great class sizes, and our national champion women's soccer team.


Women's soccer team. High academics


As much as it is not popular in any other school, women's soccer makes us known. Also, our nursing school has always been very popular and well-known, but the business school and the engineering school has grown lots in popularity.


womens soccer team


women's soccer team


Our school of nursing is very competetive. It is ranked very high among nursing schools in the Northwest, and makes up a large portion of the freshman class. Our women's soccer team has brought home a couple of Division I National Championships in the last few years which has really helped the school gain popularity.


our pretty campus. our soccer team, which has won 2 national championships in the past 5 years. good, easily accessible professors. small class sizes. nursing and engineering schools. also, the students have won a lot of fulbright scholarships.


Soccer, Catholic Faith with a Portland feel.


Womens Soccer, Studies Abroad, small classes, and Catholic identity


Caring atmosphere.