University of Portland Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Friendly people, small class-size, easy to connect with professors.


The classrooms contain at maximum 50 students. This allows us individuals to form relationships with our professors. This is hugely important, because they will be able to further your education. They can offer advice, give you job opportunities, help you find research, and they highly encourage you to visit office hours. They truly want to get to know each one of us. This would not be possible in a classroom of 300 students seen at many public universities.


The University of Portland has some of the most influential and inspiring people as professors. They are devoted to building relationships with their students and genuinely enjoy teaching them. They teach in an approachable manner while still maintaining respect with their students. The professors at UP make it a point to ensure that their students are getting the help they need and connect them will all possible resources. I have been given the utmost opportunity from my professors and have been pushed to my highest potential because of them.


I brag most about the location and the academic merit of the nursing school. Portland is an amazing city to live in, as there are endless opportunities and fun things to do. I like to boast about the fact the University of Portland has its own secluded campus (a beautiful campus, might I add), yet it is still a short bus ride away from downtown. The nursing program here is one of the best in the country, so it's hard not to brag about the quality of education I am receiving.

Mara Ann

I love to tell them how genuine people are at my school. People that I don't even know go out of their way to help not only me but others in the UP community. There's an openess to other people that I don't think you always get at other schools. I am constantly meeting and learning amazing things from new people on my campus.


This school gets down to business. There is something for everybody at this school. From arts to business, to enviornment excursions. It is a very self driven place, where you can achieve exactly what you set out to do!


There is so much to do! Everywhere you look there is some sort of campus event going on! Cereal nights, pancake night, campus movie night, Foamcoming, slip-n-slides, hiking, camping, intermural sports, body painting before games with slides full of paint! The list goes on and on. The atmosphere of University of Portland was unparalleled to any other campus I visited. People genuinely care about you and want to make your day better. I absolutely love my campus; it is my home.


I brag to my friends about how much my university has to offer me, the stimulating classes, diverse clubs to choose from, and the welcoming atmosphere.


I don't really brag, but what I do greatly emphasize about my school is that the education is great. I always advise high school students to apply to the school even though it may be expenseive because the knowledge you get and the class ratio is just fantastic. Also, I would say there is a good balance of academic dedication and personal leasure the students have on campus. Basically we know when to be serious and know how to have fun. The environment caters to the blance of academics and personal leisure.


Considering that I am enrolled in the University of Portland's School of Nursing, that is one of the first things I brag about most. It has truly been a blessing to have been accepted and enrolled into the School of Nursing, and I want others around me to know how well known the program is. Another aspect that I love to brag about is the location of the school. I have totally fallen in love with the city of Portland, and being in an awesome location has contributed to my love for Portland.


Definitely the campus and its class size. The classroom environment is none like others. Teachers remember your name, they say hi to you. The campus is not scattered but in one place, which makes it convinient to get to classes. Also, the people here are all very friendly and unique. They all portray individuality and integrity. The student body is very diverse. There are people who come from all over the world, which is why everyone stick together and help each other whenever they misses home. My school is none like others, we are all family to one another.


The size is excellent. It is not too small, but it is also not a huge state school. Class sizes are very nice because of this. The size allows for more individualized study, and professors can connect and engage more with students. The professors also, due to small class size, have the capability to be easily accessible outside of class. Along with this, facilities and classrooms are well equipped with efficient, modern technology to make for productive learning. UP offers all the oppertunities and resources of a large school, with the charm and inviting personality of a small one.


I always brag about what a great community I live in! The students are all so kind, and the professors are always there to help. Many of our professors will go out of their way to meet with us if we need help with something we're struggling with--I've even had a professor offer to meet with me over break. Because we're such a close community, no face is unfamiliar by fall break!


Teachers are very invested in the students. As they are usually really excited about the material, the students become interested in the course. I feel like i have learned a lot that will actually be beneficial in the future, both in and outside of my career.


Community. UP has everyone beat. It immediatly became my own, despite the worry I had the summer after graduating that no place would replace where I grew up. The people, the school, the academics--what isn't there to brag about? I couldn't narrow it down to a thing, but I could sum it up in a word: home.


I love the size of the campus and how accessible everything is. UP can be compared to a large high school. All classes are within a 5-10 minute walking distance from almost all of the dormitories (and even some of the houses nearby off campus). It also provides a lot of space to study, whether in groups or individually. The campus provides for the social life one needs while also ensuring we're staying on top of our classes and keeping our grades up.


What is one of the best things about University of Portland is the environment. It's a small school in a large city. There is hiking and outdoor activities as well as city life available. It is the best of both worlds where there is a nice balance between the city life as well as the outdoors. There is a lot of variety and each option is just as available as the next one.


The real world experiences I'm getting.


When telling people about the school I attend I usually brag about how accessible my professors are outside of class. Being able to contact my teachers about questions or concerns outside of the classroom has majorly contributed to my learning experience. For example, I find that if there is a certain concept I do not understand that was explained in class I have the ability to meet with my teacher to gain clarity. Another part of my school that I admire is how much our campus feels like a warm community. Walking around campus there is always a friendly face.


The tight knit community at the University of Portland is hard to miss. Everyone is incredibly friendly and truly cares about eachother. This is easily seen in the small class sizes where the professors actually get to know their students and their strengths and weaknesses.


I take pride in the sense of community my school has. Constantly I am surrounded by people that I know are loyal, trustworthy, and basically good.


Green. UP is green in every aspect. The trees and grass is always green, due to the typical Oregon weather. But UP isn't just a beautiful green hue outside, the school focuses on how to protect the environment and reduce the impact of a lot of very hungry college students. There is a real respect for the environment and an understanding that we all need to do our part to protect it. The students at University of Portland cruise around town on bikes rented from the bike shop and help to reduce waste by composting and recycling.


I enjoy the overally feeling of safety in and around my school's campus, which allows me to experience a great amount of freedom. I like that the campus is located in a very green and natural area compared to the urban life I know, although by bus, one can go to the urban part of town. I also like that people there are very friendly and kind to everyone they meet. Student here aren't like sharks compared to other competitively intellectual schools. The professors are generally approachable and are enthusiastic about student visits.


The small class sizes allow me to form relationships with my professors. The campus is very beautiful. When I apply for internships, the people interviewing me are often familiar with UP and impressed that I am a student there. Many of my professors are well published and respected experts in their fields.


When I talk about University of Portland I brag about the beauty of the campus and how fun a small school is. We are located right on the Willamette River and there is beautiful trees surrounding campus. UP is the perfect size, you get to have relationships with your professors and get to know a majority of the students in your grade. It is not just a school but a community. There is lots of fun things to do on the weekend, on campus and all around the Portland area.


I brag to my friends about how accomodating UP is to the students, and how helpful the teachers and staff are. I also brag about how much I love my classmates and the food here!


The friendly atmosphere both from the faculty and the students. The professors are always available and willing to help students when they need it. I love my classes and am excited to continue on my major. The school is set up great for nursing majors.


The atmosphere and the general feel of the school. The campus is beautiful and the people are really friendly. It gives the school a relaxed feels, but the courses are still challenging - in a good way! Its beautiful to go sit in the bluff or on the acadimic quad in the afternoons. Its a great school, and the professors are fantastic.


When my friends from high school and I are bragging to each other about our colleges, I always tell my friends about how great my professors are. I mention that a couple of my professors are a little crazy, but in a good way, and that my classes are really tough. I tell them about the work load that I?m given, and they say how hard that sounds, but I tell them that it?s really not that bad. And I tell them that if not for how great my professors, school wouldn?t be nearly as good.


The first thing I tell my friends from home about the University of Portland is that I can see Mt. Hood from campus! Because I am from the midwest, mountains are in short supply. Having an amazing view of Mt. Hood is a great start to every day, and I miss it when I go home for the holidays.


The campus is situated in a beautiful area away from the harshness of downtown Portland. The professors are all very friendly and although they give an intense workload, it's worth the hours of studying to get an A. The school's tuition may cost a lot but what you get out of it will help you in the long run way more than if you had just stayed in Hawaii and gone to a community college.


How it is nationally known and the class sizes are so small. The school also offers a lot of scholarship money as well.


I like to point out that because I went to a small school, I got a better overall education. I didn't have difficulty getting any of my classes. The class sizes were small and the professors took the time to know each student. I was able to get all the help from my professors that I needed. Since I was a science major, I spent the majority of my time in the state of the art science building. We had all the equipment that we needed for our projects.


the fun city the school is near


The class sizes are small and you get a lot of personal attention. The teachers are easy to get in touch with and love to talk to students about everything from help with the class to life and career goals. The school is very concerned with the students succeeding. I am in the science department and they love to get undergraduates involved in research, the professors encourage us to get involved with the school and to go to REU's. The study abroad program is awesome! The girls soccer team is great.


The small campus definitely creates a great feeling of community. I also love the city of Portland. It's so easy to get around here, and we never run out of things to do.


How the people are so friendly, most of the time. It is easy to make friends here! I love the small class sizes because it allows us to get to know our professors... They are easy to find in office hours too in order to get help. The teachers are always here to help and that is what I love about this school. Everyone here wants us to succeed.


great campus, great teachers, great people


How small my classes are and how much attention my professors can give me.


My school has an excellent women's soccer team!! GO PILOTS!!


My standard class size is less than 24 and my professors know my name. They are eager to talk to me during office hours and are interested my interests as a student and as a person.


That it is one of the best schools in Oregon, in terms of rank.


They have an excellent nursing program, which is helpful because I'm a nursing major. Great learning lab for nursing students that allows for hands on experience. Awesome professors overall.


I tell them about my wonderful experiences on stage and my acting training. I also brag about the high quality academic advising and small class sizes, and how students make friends with their professors.


The morale within the school itself. Even more so in each program, for example, in the school of nursing which I am enrolled in everyone is very friendly, helpful and motivated. If someone is having trouble or just a bad day people help where it's needed, no questions asked. People maintain a positive enviroment and the professors are extremely helpful is all aspects of the university experience.


The people and faculty are really friendly and it is very easy to get used to the campus size and layout. There is always something to do or get involved in and most of the teachers do a really good job of teaching the materiel. It is easy to make friends and then see them all the time because the campus is smaller.