University of Portland Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


University of Portland is an average small, Catholic college. There is nothing very special about it except for the Engineering program and historically, the soccer team. The best thing about UP for me is the people. I have tons of good friends in my major, in my class, and from my team. i transferred into UP from LMU, about 5500, so it feels a little small. You know everyone on campus and will notice if there is a visitor. When I lived on campus I spent most of my time in the commons, where on-campus food is served. The library is very old, but they plan to start renovations in the next year. Portland is a great city to live in. It is the perfect mix on city and town. Food carts are popular for students to eat at off campus as they are cheap and have good food. The biggest student complaint recently is about our on-campus food service, Bon Appetit. Our school paper, which is very good, has written many articles and the students are frustrated over the increasing prices and monopoly that the company is forcing students to abide by. Besides that, the school is great, but I definitely wouldn't come here if you are expecting big time football or anything like that.