University of Portland Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A hardworking, kind, motivated individual who is open to new experiences would thrive at the University of Portland. The ability to form interpersonal relationships, especially with professors, who will likely recommend them for research positions or internships per the student's capabilities, will give the student a competitive edge.


Someone that should attend University of Portland, is someone that loves to be in a thriving community. This school is full of amazing individuals that together create an atmosphere that allows for one to be successful. Someone who comes to University of Portland also has to want to be at a small school. The classroom sizes are comparable to high school sizes, and that is not for everyone. Overall a perosn that should come to University of Portland has to be willing to immerse themselves in the new community that is provided.


A student who knows what they want to major in. Students who are hard working independent people who strive for excellence. Students that have a good, upbeat, kind personality because everyone at University of Portland is extremely nice. I have yet to meet a rude student. Ideally the type of the student that should attend is a student that has enough money or recieved enough financial aid.


University of Portland is home to a wide variety of "types" of people. In general, I think if someone is looking to grow as an individual and be pushed academically and professionally by their professors and peers, University of Portland is a great choice. That being said, in order to reap those benefits, as a student, you must be willing to go above and beyond what is expected and be willing to utilize the oportunities available; they are not just given to you.


At UP, there are so many faculty members that are willing to support you throughout your entire college life. If you are one of the few who needs no guidance while you enter the world of independence, feel free to pick any college. But if you want a learning experience, not just by furthering your education but furthering your life skills, the University of Portland is the place for you..


A person who is outgoing and loves the college atmosphere. There is so many activities that you will never be bored on campus. If you are a social person you will fit in great. However, someone who is also determined about school work. Everyone here takes school very seriously and it is nice to have that atmosphere at a college. Also someone who loves small classes and to be able to know the professors. UP is Catholic and so you can attend church and a priest lives in every dorm, which is great if you are religious.


At the University of Portland, students should be individuals who strive for excellence and who want to be part of a close community. Since campus is small, the University of Portland provides an amazing opportunity to get to know the majority of class mates. In addition, professors are able to be contacted by email or in person as needed. Due to this, students at UP should be outgoing and academic individuals. They also should be people who like being involved in small and fun on campus activities like movies, trivia nights, and other low key events.


Attending the University of Portland is not just about graduating and getting a degree. The welcoming and accepting students, the extra-curricular opportunities, and the unique city of Portland help create a school that attracts all types of students. The small size of this school is perfect for those students who want to develop a stronger connection with their professors and peers on this picturesque campus in the beautiful, Pacific Northwest.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who loves to learn, and is respectful of others. A person who does not judge based on color, economic status, nor manner of expression. Portland is liberal, enjoy and learn from others everything you can. Imposing yourself will only get you disliked by many. Open and welcoming to new experiences and possibilities is the mindset that an individual attending this school should have.


The University of Portland is ideal for people who are considering schools with smaller class sizes. Class sizes tend to be between 25-35 people and it gives you a chance to make personal relationships with professors to make sure you get the help you need. While the University of fairly small in terms of enrollment (around 4,000), it's location, only a 20 or so minute bus ride from the heart of Portland means that you will always be able to find things to do.


The person that attends this school should be open to studying many fields of knowledge and interpretation. Many students in the Portland area catch the "Liberal Bug" due to the location and general population's political outlook. Many more conservative students may become more open to ideas due to this occurence. What all students have in common, however, is a desire to hear all sides of perspectives before making decisions, apt in deciding opinions based on intellectual and fair-minded reasons. The person who attends this school must be ready to learn and grow wise through many outlets.


University of Portland is the perfect school for someone who prefers a close knit community with high student involvement, helpful professors, and small class sizes.


University of Portland is a great place for anyone with a drive for success who also desires personal connections whether with professors, financial aid counselors or the librarians, people will remember you and everyone makes it clear that they are all there in the interest of your success. Faith and community service are also highly encouraged at the U of P and while neither is forced upon anyone nor is there any uncomfortable vibe towards those who opt out, they are both really big tenants on campus.


A person who enjoys smaller class sizes, and wants a deeper relationship with professors, staff, and faculty. Someone who challenges themselves and is open to experience new cultures, ideas, and opportunities. The person would be friendly and outgoing, intelligent yet humble, and would enjoy and thrive in a smaller campus community. A person that is a leader, scholar, artist, or a rising star will flourish at this school. Also a person that is comfortbale blending their faith along with their school, no matter what denomination. This school is open to all and and accepting of any type of person.


University of Portland is a private Catholic school, so many people assume you need to be Catholic to attend. This is not true; we have students from all kinds of religions and backgrounds here. If you're dedicated, love a home-like environment, are ready to work hard, and love good food, then this is the place for you. Our classes are meant to be difficult, so you'll have to work for your grades, but there are all kinds of support systems available!


The kind of person who should attend the University of Portland is the person who wants the community atmosphere of a smaller school. This person wants to attend college to learn and experience everything the school has to offer. The University of Portland focuses on making everyone feel like they are part of a community. Students are regularly encouraged to get active within the community and help others. Portland is a big city that is filled with many diverse people. The diversity of the city encourages students to get out and explore the real world.


The type of person that should go to University of Portland is someone who is serious about his or her education. University of Portland offers the highest quality of education but a high cost as well. People who are going to throw their education away should not attend this school. If you are a person who is serious about their education, and is accepting of all types of people University of Portland is a great school for you. People who are willing to collaborate with others and work hard would excel here.


While Pilots are truly diverse from one another, their commonality lies in their respect for themselves and for others, their dedication to excellence, and their drive to form themselves into versatile citiziens of the world. University of Portland is typically a small, quiet campus, but comes alive at night when students are often organizing events to fundraise for university and community cause. The campus isn't so quiet on Merlo field on game night, where voices go to die. Students who should consdider coming to the bluff is one who wants everything and more out of their college experience.


People who are willing to be open-minded, friendly, and outgoing should definitely consider attending the University of Portland. The laidback Pacific Northwest attitude is one that I believe can easily be adopted by all; it's a matter of being willing to see things from others' perspectives, and perhaps not agreeing, but always being courteous and respectful all the same. We could also use more male students on campus; the female to male ratio is a bit top-heavy at the moment!


A prospective University of Portland student should be academically-minded, focused, ambitious and driven. They should have a love for learning. They should be valued-oriented and have a high moral code. They should be friendly, kind and accepting. They should prize philanthropy and learning through service.


A person that strives to achieve the best. A hard worker that wants to gain a great education.


Anyone who is ready for a challange and ready to recieve a very good eucation, but most inmportantly one who is ready to attend a college with a basis of God and one who is a good member of the community and not afraid to stand out. This is a very exciting campus and a college where you learn a great deal even outside of your area of study.


An energetic person who like faith, service and learning!


A person who is open to new and exciting adventures and that loves to be involved in the Community. Someone should also attend if they want to attend a top ten school on the West Coast! Someone should be intelligent, kind, giving, and school spirited.


A friendly, outgoing person. Also someone who knows what they want to do in life and are ready to work hard to achieve that goal. This school is not for someone who wants to explore their options. It is very career driven.


The kind of person who is dedicated to their studies and a little wacky.


Someone who prefers small, quiet, schools where open mindness and intellectual growth is greately encouraged. You have to be willing to take two semesters of philosophy and three of theology as part of your core requirements (these really help you see important things from a lot of different perspectives). (Liking soccer could really help as well =] )


Someone who is confident in who they are. Someone who doesn't care if people judge them (because inevitably people will), but would rather stay true to themselves. Someone who wants to explore who they are, as a person, as a student, and as a member of society.


Someone who is willing to work hard and excited to be a part of a community that is both encouraging and supportive of academic and life success should attend the University of Portland.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who loves being around other people, and likes to be a part of something bigger. The small campus encourages everyone to get involved in extracuricullar activities and makes sure there is something for everyone to participate in. Someone who goes to UP should be loving and eager to be involved with peers, edlers, and the community outside of campus as well. A person who is eager to learn, and better themselves on all levels, not just educationally.


The type of person who should come to University of Portland is one who likes to think. To really enjoy the University of Portland you have to be open to the fact that the professors expect you to think for yourself and that no professor will hand you an answer. People who like to think and have a great desire to learn are the type of people that ought to come to the University of Portland.


Marylhurst University is a great school for everyone of any age and background. It has served as an enriching educational setting and the individuals at Marylhurst University are great.


Anyone can attend this school, but they need to be opened minded and have a good payment plan. It is very expensive to go here, and if if your parents are expected to contribute its nice to have a back up plan.


Any person should attend UP as long as they are committed to their own academic success. This school is expensive, but is worth every penny as long as students do not waste it. Other than that, ANYONE should come!


Someone who is driven to succeed, likes soccer and basketball and who prefers smaller classes and interactions with professors.


Someone who is serious about studying, is concerned with GPA, but wants a small class size and professors that are easy to reach and talk to.


If you're the type of person who doesn't exactly know what they want to do in life, then U.P. is a good place for you. The school offers a pretty good array of programs and options in its overall mission to mold incoming students into responsible and skilled adults. Even though some might look down upon the size of the school and the fact that its run by the Catholic church, anyone who puts an effort to become involved with those around them will find themselves welcomed into a fun and supportive community.


People who want to get into a specific discipline like nursing or engineering, that might be competitive at a larger school, will find that they have a much better shot at a smaller private school like this. The smaller population is also ideal for those sorts of people who imagine themselves getting lost in the crowd at a much larger school.


Somone who is looking for a small school that has school spirit and likes being surrounded by good morals. Someone who wants his or her teachers to know his or her name. People that like close knit communities should come here


Someone concerned about the environment, ready to work to achieve, and willing to make new friends.


Most people are somewhat rich, but you do not have to be. I got scholarships and am paying for the entire thing by myself. Most people here are liberal, but there are a lot of good Christians who are of mixed political stance. If you like outdoorsy fun and ecclectic, you will like the city. If you like more fancy and ritzy things, the pearl district is for you.


someone who's focused on stuyding because otherwise it's a waste of money


People who are interested in a small, liberal arts university and who want to benefit from small teacher to student ratios.


Someone who is fairly serious about academics and is able to have a good time in most environments. Don't expect to be entertained freshman year by numerous parties. Most parties don't want freshman there and you have to be creative and create your own good time. It can seem a little small at first but you get used to it and most people end up liking it a lot, like myself :) Great study abroad opportunities.


Someone with good morals who has a strong desire to succeed academically, and who takes their schoolwork seriously. Parties are few and far between, and straightforward goals for the future are found in most students.


A person who wants a small school feeling, a person who wants to be known by name by thier professors.


Someone who is motivated and likes the Portland culture!


A person who wants to be in an interactive environment with staff


The one thing I've really noticed about this school is that a large majority (if not all) of the the students place a huge emphasis on 'going green'. Living in Oregon, we have a bebfit in being surrounded by an amazing scenery and being environmentally concious is a big part of that. Many of the students here are liberal and very down-to-earth. They are here for an education and seem to have a pretty good idea with what they want to do in their carrer and where they are headed in the academic arena.


Someone who believes that college offers more than just a career path. The motto is "teaching, faith and service." Combined, these aspects create a well-rounded person who can excell in their field by their knowledge and social awareness.