University of Puerto Rico-Humacao Top Questions

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In the majors of sience and business are very good. They have extracurrucular activities to encourage the students to do an extra work in the fields that they are interested. But my university is very normal, un like the US universities we don't have sororities or fraternites, we just have a few asocietions that are divided by programs. the most thhing I can say that made it unique is the people that study there we are really friendly and, besides I fell sometimes out of circle, our people try to do the best to help the others.


We have a SIFE team that has won the national competitions the last two (2) years and represented Puerto Rico at the SIFE World Cups in Berlin, Alemania in 2009 and at Los Angeles, California in 2010, we have helped a lot of communities and worked with the entrepreneurs of our country, We are changing the world and our island by helping people be self-sufficient through the creation of micro-businesses and by giving business, social and environmental workshops. But most of all we have created a great empowerment and spirit among our campus students.