University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


There are a few classes that are a challenge for students. My least favorite class was pre-calculus, it was a nightmare. The department of Horticulture is very nice, people is comprehensive and kind. The professors help the students to get far in their goals. There are many opportunities to develop team working skills.


Academics at UPR are great. At least in the Humanities, there are rarely any big classes - the limit for most classrooms is 30 students. Professors definitely know your name, and they usually appreciate and even give bonus points for intelligent comments and participation. The further you go into your concentration (mine is Comparative Literature), the smaller your classes become, and you will keep seeing the same group of people in your classes, and things can become competitive at this level. Electives allow you to break from this and meet people from all over. Intellectual conversations can be found as often as trivial ones. It is uncommon to spend time with professors outside of class, but it can happen. I couldn't possibly choose a favorite class. Some of my favorites are Medieval Literature, Batik and Tie-dye, Arabic and a special seminar I took on Cortazar and Borges.


The academics are top class. Computer engineering professors are some of the best in the ECE department (My department!). As a student you have to study a lot but the teachers prepare us very well. One has to work hard but it pays off!