University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were young and inteligent, with ambition and drive.


Group of friends from highschool.


i love my classmates because they are from all over the world. You have different cultures , different minds, and your are open up to different things and situations. your learn more from the ideas from others.


In the university there is a lot of diversity of racial, religious, and socio-economic between students but there is no preferences by the professors of any group. You just get along with people that are more like you but that doesn't mean people from other groups would not talk to you. Usually students wear flip flops and shorts when they are at the university because the campus is huge so you have to be comfortable. Most of the students of the university are from Puerto Rico.


Racially, my university is very diverse, even more so in the staff department, because the administration has long been known to bring in talented and dedicated professors from around the world. Since we have a huge number of students, I don't believe any one racial group or individual student would feel out of place. If I had to describe the four tables in the dining hall I would say all four tables would look pretty similar considering that they would be a mix of athletes and other students just having fun or intellectual discussions. Again, we are very diverse and don't have much separation in the way of type of people. Everyone is different in their own right and for the most part that works for the university and the students as they all mash up as one student body.


Racial: Even though we're considered ethnic (read black) everywhere else there's a lot of light skinned people on the island that look down upon darker skinned individuals. It's ridiculous but racism does exist and it is shown through condescending words that make-up our daily vocabulary, crazy beauty routines and ambitions to be considered an American (read white person with "good hair"). Fortunately, the tolerance level is raised a little bit in our school because of the great education, the travelling opportunities and the amount of foreigners that decide to study (at least for a semester) in our school. Religious: Even though there are exceptions, I find that people tend to divide themselves into two groups: Atheists/Agnostics vs. Christians. . There's constant tension between these two groups in my school. Unfortunately, there's not much discussion about Islam, Jewish or other religious traditions outside from some classes. LGTB: I'm proud to say that there's a lot of members of the LGBT community in our school and they're widely accepted (not the same scenario outside of school). Nonetheless, I feel there are levels of acceptance: gay guys and bisexuals being the most accepted, still some awkwardness around lesbians and a real discomfort towards transgendered people (from some people). Socio-economic: Even though the poor and the rich coexist in our campus, I still notice some divisions between the different groups and I don't feel they don't interact as much socially or outside of class. I feel freshmen in general are the most left out. Slowly but surely you will find someone that share your interests and you'll have people to hang out with and that don't judge you. The attire varies by field of study. The future businessmen and doctors always dress sharp. The philosophers and future college lit professors tend to dress hippie-ish. Then there's the people that just wear jeans and a tank top/hoodie..or pajamas. The usual... You will typically interact with people you take classes with but also you meet a lot people through old friends from high school and you start developing bonds with people from other areas of study. If I had to choose four type of students in our school I would say: the stressed-out-I-have-no-social-life science people, the vegetarian-i-ride a bike to school, zen people, the assertive and always-on-the-go business students and the hipster/artsy people from the Humanities/Communications area. Most of the regular students here are Puerto Ricans from the most urbanized areas. Nonetheless we get our fair amount of exchange students or grad students and the Faculty is very multicultural. The most prevalent financial background is middle-class (lower to upper) Yes, a lot of the students are politically aware (and active) and they express it on campus, through blogs, Facebook, etc. Even though I personally have more centrist views, I have to admit that there's left-wing bias in my campus. Very problematic because our governor is a conservative (he supports the Republican party) and the students are almost always against of his decisions. Aside from future doctors and entrepreneurs that occasionally talk about how much money they'll earn, people tend to have a more purist view on knowledge and prefer to leave the money talk out of it.


In the UPR-Rio Piedras Campus you can find every type of people and personalities. All the different groups have the same right to protest and express their feelings and ideals. Overall, I consider that at first sight you can't know about their financial background and if they are part of a particular group. Most of the students are from Puerto Rico and at some point different types of students tend to interact and know each other. I think nobody would feel out of place because they are going to find the right type of people to interact with.


Spirited, loud, engaging, simply amazing.


What I love form my school is the students! We are what makes the UPR what it is. Theres is such a diversity from locals to international students. We are certaintly individuals. You meet so many different characters here. Music, art, literature, politics...Politics! Is such a great studying enviroment. And so open to debates! And yes we do have so manyu different ideals and sides in this school but still it doesn't mean that we hate the people that don't agree with us. We completely understand and after the argument is finished we are friends :)


Classmates are usually friendly, helpful and kind.


friendly, supportive, helpful...