University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The price. It's a toxic envoroment but if you manage to weasel yoursel into the limited courses you need you can get an adecuate education for a very good price.


Loyola Marymount University has many perks in terms of social, educational, and even spiritual life, but I think that the most important aspect is that the university works its hardest to connect all three aspects of life. Living in an imbalance creates numerous problems that are only solved by a mindful approach to find the balance that works best for your life. LMU has shown me the tools I need to pursue my purpose, and has taught me to carefully choose how I use them. I am grateful for their approach and the impact it has had on my life.


The students are very unique at my campus.


The best aspect of school is the amount of students enrolled in it. Even though it is the most populated college on the island, I have never taken a class with more than twenty students present. I consider this a very important part of studying because it permits more comunication between the students and profesors, which makes the whole learning process more enjoyable and effective. And, since Puerto Rico is such a diverse culture, you are always going to encounter people whose backround and experiences can really add-on to the class so everyone can benefit from it.


The best thing that my university offers is the quality and the content of the classes. Because they have the most prepare professors in each concentration, all professor who teach me has a real committed with the students to teach them the best.


It 's a great university with very well prepare educators and a beautiful campus.


The best thing about University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus) is how every student in the island, with any social or economic status has the ability to attend school and obtain a well-rounded, integrated undergraduate & grauduate education.


What I like about my school is that it?s very diverse when it comes to classes and its students. And when you meet students from different backgrounds and cultures you can learn about the world they live in.