University of Puget Sound Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


If you're a non-traditional student, it can be very difficult to get involved and make friends.


How expensive the school overall. The price increases next year which means I will have to get more money, and my family is already putting in over 24,000 dollars into my education with my grandparents putting in a few thousand. I recieve 19,000 in merit scholarship. My family is already putting in as much as they can, and I still have student loans. With a price increase I will have more debt, and have to hope I can get decent loans that wait until I am out of college.


Some students are easily frazzled by work, though hard workers in high school will find academics challenging, but managable.


It is a smaller school, so the professors do expect a lot out of you. If you choose not to stay on top of your course work, it is very easy to fall behind and not do well. You learn a lot about time management, because if you don't, you will never get the opportunity to gain the college experience that every student deserves! You are forced to learn quickly.


It rains a lot. That's the worst thing I can think of.


That it costs so much to attend.


The art program does not offer media related art which is what I want to focus on, and I do not completely relate to the way of life of the area/school.


Its lack of diversity and its poor fitness facilities.


I study foreign languages, and have run into a lot of limitations, but they're being fixed for future students.


The size I think; I sometimes wish it was larger so it was more competitive and attractive to employers.


Sometimes it feels too small. It is a good size class-wise, because you get individual attention from professors and it feels like you're getting a more individualized eduaction, but the campus seems like a bubble. Everyone knows everything about everyone, which is good for some people but it can get old not seeing any new faces.


I'm on the tennis team, and the athletics department doesn't give us very much respect. Our coaches are the only part-time coaches in the department, and we don't get any equipment.


It can be difficult to break out of the campus bubble and explore the rest of the city.


I really get frustrated that at my school a lab for science classes will not get you any extra credit. For example: I am in both a 3 hour Biology and a 4 hour Chemistry lab every week but I don't get any credit for it.


The most frustratin this about UPS is the misunderstanding of religous (especially Christian) students. Often Christians are seen as untollerant but the school and campus clubsare working to combat this view.


In general, the student body is full of great characters. There are, however, a few too many wealthy children of CEOs who tend to act as though they don't need to learn anything because daddy will one day hand them the family business. I suggest avoiding these types at all cost. They pay no attention in class and contribute hardly anything to the cmapus community (aside form money, that is). They tend to join the Greek system, giveing said system a bit of a bad reputation. In short, trust-fund babies are a rather frustrating additon to campus.


I don't feel like the overall atmosphere is that geared towards academic/career success.