University of Rhode Island Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My college is best known for its old historic building and giving students the option to live on the beach!


It is known for its parties and drinking. Sadly, as a resident assistant this is what most students come in knowing. My school is also known for its great engineering, pharmacy, nursing, and business schools.


I said its mostly thought of as the school that everyone in RI goes to.


URI Rams....


I think our school is best known for being an accepting university. If you sit on the main quad for just 10 minutes, you could watch as hundreds of extremeley diverse students walk by. Students are URI are open to new things and are welcoming to people who appear different from themselves.


The University of Rhode Island is best known for its academics and how there are my resources that can help you with your classes. There are many tutors and sessions for your specific class that help you if you are not understanding what is going on in class .Also, it's loacation. It is very big and beautiful with all the trees and landscape.


My favorite campus traditions is at the football games they say "first down rhody" and if we score a touchdown they have american revolution guys shoot a cannon it is pretty cool


my school is known for its comitment to help students do better in thier classes. they have a lot of tutorings and programs that is free.


Really known for our Pharmacy, Nursing, and Marine fields because we offer great programs in both as they recieve a ton of funding and have great facilities on and off campus. There is the Bay Campus right on the Narragansett Bay for Marine studies. We've made a lot of progress as a school in regards to upgrading and improving our technologies, buildings, academics and social sphere. I think URI is also known for how much we've changed for the better from our past.


The school is best known for its nursing program. URI has one of the best nursing programs in the country.


Our school is best known for it's marine biology program. Because it is located right near the beach, it is the ideal location for learning about marine biology . Being close to the shore allows for hands-on experience to all students in this field. It is a great opportunity for the students in this program.


My school is best known for its academics.


The University of Rhode Island is most known for their sucessful Basketball team in the best few years.


My school is best known for the value it provides for the price it costs to attend the school. It has a few well known programs: Pharmacy, International Engineering, and Education.


I believe my school is best known for the help given by the professors and advisors. I have found that the professors are all willing to help students who wish to get extra help. Also, as I have decided to transfer, I have found my advisor to be very helpful.


Throughout the past year and a half at URI I have noticed that the faculty is very good at helping their students when the student is willing to get help. We have many places on campus and teachers that students can can to for help in classes if they are having trouble.


The University of Rhode Island is well known for our school spirit. We are well known for our loud crowds at basketball, football and hockey games. Everyone in the crowd wears blue and white and some people even paint the school colors on our faces.


My school is best known for it's programs in pharmacy, engeneering, and oceanographic research which are among the best in the entire country. It is also known for it's school spirit, great basketball team, and the social scene on campus ( which has actuallly died off in recent years).


Best University in RI.


We have a fierce loyalty for our basketball team, and it is a rallying point for many students. We also have a fairly diverse school in its student body and our interests. We are also a fairly liberal campus, and every opinion is heard, if you want it to be. We have so many opportunites for students that many not have had those chances otherwise. We have a very strong staff of professors and counsellors.


Unfortunately, partying.


Our school used to be best known as a party school, but now it is more well known for oceanography, pharmacy, and engineering.


The school prides itself in communitiy awareness. the professors are very knowledgable and friendly.




URI is well known for a few things. With the shortage of nurses in the United States, many students attend URI because of their amazing nursing program. The basketball team is fun to watch, and tend to go far during their seasons. Walking away from college with a degree from the Univeristy of Rhode Island is a very good thing!


we are well known for our basketball team, the nearby beach, and big parties.


My school is best known for its marine biology and pharmacy program. It is also known for the fraternities and sororities located on campus. I have also heard it be called a "party school".


our schhol is best known for its pharmacy program.