University of Rhode Island Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe that a person that loves the city and does not love nature would not like this school. the school is very social but you also are going to have some time alone. also, if you will be homesick a lot.


I think a person that does not like a large amount of people should not attend this school. It is a large school, and you will always be meeting new people, but large schools are not for everyone.


Everyone should have the chance to educate themselves and earn a degree. However, there are still people who waste the opportunity given to them; by partying, drinking and basically squandering their chances at a decent career. That is why I think ,that people whose goal is to have personal fulfillment at the present, rather than a prosperous future should not attend this school. Since those that party excessively and run amok harm not only themselves, but also others who truly want to study and prepare for their future.


I wouldn't agree with not anyone attending college. I will say anyting that is motivated and determinated to go to college should attend the University of Rhode Island or any college of their choice.


People who attend this University should be very open minded and open to trying new things.


I feel as though individuals who do not appreciate the idea of gaining knowledge/an education should not be able to recieve a spot at the University of Rhode Island. If a student did not take the time out to work hard in high school, they will be less inclined to put effort into making the most of their college education. Plenty of students are given the opportunity to attend this University, but some come here just to enjoy the social atmosphere, rather than the rewarding educational aspects of this amazing school, which is something I will never agree with.


Anyone who isn't looking to explore a variety of interesting topics on top of major-class requirements. The University of Rhode Island offers dozens of programs atop Major-Related fields, including the Leadership Program and the Honors Program, among others. Students at the University of Rhode Island take part in some of the country's most interesting courses, from General Nutrition to the Influence of New Media in Society. The University is a lace for learners, and if you don't desire to explore new ideas, this University may not be for you.


Someone who is not a social person, someone who is not a drinker, and who does not like parties. There are ways to stay away from such things, but for the most part, that is a lot of the social living at URI.


I think URI is for everyone! There are different activities for everyone to participate in and they will fit in and make many new friends


If you like to be in the city and where everything you might need is close by it might be difficult because the city is about 45 mintues away. The area is very quiet unless there is a party and the students do get quite rowdy.


Because of its size, The University of Rhode Island is a great choice for any applicant. Since the University offers various majors and social interests, any student can find their place on campus to fit in. For the biology majors, there are clubs such as the Aspiring Medical Professionals that meet weekly. On the other hand, For the more liberal arts students interested in English and or Journalism, there are writing clubs, newspaper and even an editorial for students to engage in. No matter who you are or what you love, the University of Rhode Island has everything for everyone.


The type of person that should attend URI is a very dedicated one. As most people know URI is considered a party school and there can be many distractions throughout the school year. Putting your school work first will benefit you in the long run! Also being a friendly and outgoing person will help out a great deal, there are many opportunities to make friends on campus!


Some on who is unmotivated and does not really want to be there.


A person that needs a lot of special attention, someone that could easily get lost in the masses.


Anyone who is not a four-season kind of person shouldn't even consider the school. There is alot of uphill walking involved along the campus which is good fro exercise but not perferred by most people. Also the school consists of 13,000 people, if you are the kind of person who likes to know everyone personally this may not be the kind of school for you. I recommend not attending this school if you look for alot of on-campus entertainment because everything is not in walking distance its roughly 15 minutes to go anywhere.


Someone who doesn't want to take education seriously.


anyone who goes to the school for the marine biology program, with the goal of being a dolphin/whale trainer... most of these kids drop out the first year when they find out they have to take "hard classes" (physics, chemistry, calculus, etc)


The kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who has a major that the school does not offer


A person who likes to learn, but also likes to meet new and interesting people. I have met people from all over the world. Most of the people here are friendly and willing to help. Also URI offers a lot of oppertunities, whether you are looking for research, internships, clubs, intermural sports, sports, etc. URI has a very nice college atmosphere.


the kind of perosn who should attend this school needs to be very goal oriented and has to really love a small state such as rhode island.


The University of Rhode Island is open to all types of people. I don't think there is a certain age group that shouldn't attend this school. URI gives everyone a chance to attend, exceed and reach their moral standards of academic excellence and career success.


Someone who doesn't like to have fun. Although this school puts a lot of focus on academics, it does have a lot of things to do for fun during the week and on the weekends. You may not enjoy this school if you are from the area and want chage, however if you are like me you may also find it comforting.


A person who isnt serious about there education, and who doesnt want to learn and expand their knowledge should not attend this school.


Someone who is not goal-oriented or motivated should not attend a large university like URI. In order to succeed here, you need to take initiative and go after your goals. There is plenty of help from advisors, professors, and mentors available, but you need to motivate yourself to seek help if you need it. Someone who needs their hand held throughout college would not survive here.


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't know how to eat healthy or interact with other people in aa respectable manner.


People who dont want to do well and only party.


The URI student is someone who loves the beach and getting together with friends. Show your school spirit at a Rhody basketball, hockey, or football game ! Get involved with a plethora of clubs and student organizations .


If you dont wish to join the greek life or be heavingly involoved in the school. If you dont plan on having a car at school you might not want to come a lot of things are driving distance away. This is not "suit case" school. So if you like to go home alot I would choose a different college because you would be missing out on a lot of things.


Any kind of person can attend this school. The University of Rhode Island is really open to all sorts of people.


I think that this school can fit anybody and everybody. You can find your niche somewhere in the school.


Who is ify about the school. I had a lot of friends transferr out after freshman year.


This school is great for students who put effort in towards their school work, and enjoy being sociable during their free time. If you do not like the four seasons, and a beach atmosphere, URI is not for you.


People who don't feel comfortable living on a relatively big campus, people who enjoy city life, and people who do not want to walk much to get to classes should probably not attend this school.


Someone looking for a very small or very large school. With around 12000 students, URI was a great choice.


People who are looking for a good times in reference to partying, slacking off in class and those who are just going to college for the sake of pleasing someone other than themselves. If they don't want to learn they are wasting resources for those students who want an education.


You shouldn't attend URI if you hate dissorganization because some times the administration department/finalcial aide can be really really annoying


This school is geared towards a certain type of student: the kids who want to party and join greek life. That is the most prominent feeling I get from just looking at the general population. This school should be for someone with that kind of lifestyle in mind.