University of Rochester Top Questions

Describe the students at University of Rochester.


My classmates are bright, talented, and successful individuals, some of which are still my closest friends!


My classmates are driven, intelligent, ambitious, helpful and creative thinkers who wil shape the world.


Generally friendly and smart.


My classmates are fun, quirky, and sometimes focused.


Over the past four years I have seen the students at this campus evolve into a much more diverse body of people. I have friends who come from all around the country and have a myriad of different experiences. This creates a very rich student culture on campus allowing those who have budding interests to get involved in things they normally wouldn't. Student's are in tune with current issues which creates a progressive campus instead of a secluded environment.


Lots of people from wide walks of life. Lots of asians-but that comes with the territory! I've enjoyed meeting people from all over, and enough people from NYS for it to still feel somewhat local. A good mix on those fronts.


Passionate about academics, but know how to have fun. Students are especially interested in (and talented at) performances arts like music, dance, improv, theater, and studio arts. We're also a culturally diverse campus.


My classmates are a very concerned group, always putting in effort to set up a foundation for their future.




My classmates are diverse in their backgrounds, ways of learning and their language; no one person at my school is the same and that's what I sincerely like most about it.