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The Rochester Curriculum allows students to take the courses they are passionate about, without wasting time on mandatory general requirements. Every freshman takes a writing course, but the topics are fun: mine was on witchcraft! Then you take the courses in your major and 1-2 "clusters" outside your major. With the exception of Engineering students, UR students take courses in 3 areas: Natural Sciences & Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities. For example: as a biology major, I took a cluster in French and a minor in psychology, with time for a few dance courses and a research project.


The University of Rochester is a beautiful school with a unique curriculum. The open curriculum allows students to explore all areas of their interest. Coming from high-school, many college students are undecided and unsure of a field they want to persue. The University of Rochester encourages exploration, and you will often find that students have multiple majors and minors. Each program is strong and the academic support on campus is strong.


The University of Rochester has a unique curriculum, in which we have a few requirements, and students are free to take whatever classes they want for their major. The moment I stepped on the UR campus, I knew that it was the right college for me. University of Rochester is considered a "nerdy" school, but our motto here is to study hard, party harder. There are conversations I have with other students here that I don't feel like can happen at any other campus. Where else would I discuss radiation feedback loops and time traveling?


Nick Tahou's is one of Rochester, New York's most well-renowned eating establishments. It's signature dish, the "garbage plate, " is oft-imitated and worshipped by denizens. And while the garbage plate comes in several varieties, the basic model consists of two cheeseburgers placed on a bed of homefries and macaroni salad and topped with chili. In the spirit of the city, the University of Rochester periodically concocts its own version serving it as one of the lunch options available on campus.


There is much cultural and racial diversity at my school, and it is definitely an academically-based school. Getting good grades is important, which sometimes limits social free time. Athletics are somewhat put in the background, but school spirit is still very much alive on campus.


I'll be sad to leave in May but as the administration keeps cracking down on the party scene there won't be much left. It's cold. Colder and snowier than anything you could imagine. If you haven't lived this far north you are in for a surprise. Buy boots, scarves and a good winter coat. People wear uggs for a reason here. I've known girls who went out with their cute heels on and came home with frostbite.


Rochester has a great community. If you're considering coming here, visit. Do an overnight stay. That was my deciding factor. The people are really friendly and helpful- people will hold doors for you if you have your hands full, will help you out with studying if you ask, etc. I can't really picture myself anywhere else. Everyone talks about the winters, but it really is a gorgeous campus, even in the snow. Honestly, it is hard work, but if you can get in, then you can probably handle it.


The diversity at my school and open curriculum is unique at my school. There are a variety of enthicities on campus including faculty members who work for the university. As far as open curriculum there is only one class that a student is required to take all four years of undergrad, most of the other schools had many required classes.


There was a flexible curriculum allowing you to take classes you were interested in rather than required courses. The campus was beautiful also isolated from the city with beautiful scenery and bike trails and a river for the crew team. Yet the campus was a short distance from the city's best attractions.


Its much snowier, has better research opportunities, and the campus is an awesome balance of quirky, intellectual and fun people. Also it was a better middle size, not a tiny liberal arts college, but small enough that you don't get lost in a sea of other students.