University of Rochester Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are bright, talented, and successful individuals, some of which are still my closest friends!


My classmates are driven, intelligent, ambitious, helpful and creative thinkers who wil shape the world.


Generally friendly and smart.


My classmates are fun, quirky, and sometimes focused.


Over the past four years I have seen the students at this campus evolve into a much more diverse body of people. I have friends who come from all around the country and have a myriad of different experiences. This creates a very rich student culture on campus allowing those who have budding interests to get involved in things they normally wouldn't. Student's are in tune with current issues which creates a progressive campus instead of a secluded environment.


Lots of people from wide walks of life. Lots of asians-but that comes with the territory! I've enjoyed meeting people from all over, and enough people from NYS for it to still feel somewhat local. A good mix on those fronts.


Passionate about academics, but know how to have fun. Students are especially interested in (and talented at) performances arts like music, dance, improv, theater, and studio arts. We're also a culturally diverse campus.


My classmates are a very concerned group, always putting in effort to set up a foundation for their future.




My classmates are diverse in their backgrounds, ways of learning and their language; no one person at my school is the same and that's what I sincerely like most about it.


They come from a wide range of states and countries, as well as ethnicities and cultures.


My classmates are all very different, some are asina, others are white, black, hispanic, but that is what makes my school the addition of all of these different people. My classmates are what make this school what it is.


My classmates are diverse, intellectual, friendly, studious, and hard-working.


Well it's difficult to generalize but for the most part my classes tend to be diverse and the students in them are extremely attentive to their studies. During class it's about business mostly but there is also a casual dialogue that allows for an easy-breathing working environment where it is easy to ask the person next to me for help or their opinion on a certain matter. People are very curteous and down to earth here for the most part and most of the are natives of the east coast.


Fairly nerdy but social and friendly. There is some racial diversity, lots of Asians, Indians and some African Americans. They are more noticeable around campus than in classes. Most people are either liberal or Libertarians. Everyone I've met has been up for friendly debate about issues and are socially aware.


We're not the most diverse school you'll ever find, but we do have a lot of international students. They're a really great presence here. Most of the people I've encountered have been Jewish, and fairly wealthy, but as I am neither, it's not like you don't fit in here if you don't have money. Most people geniunely don't seem to notice your family's socio-economic status. I don't think anyone would feel out of place here- we're a very accepting place. We have a fairly moderate political standing, that leans to the left; but we are a college campus after all. Most students don't really discuss their future earnings, but there are going to be some obnoxious people wherever you are. However, they are definitely a very small minority here.


By far the most diverse group of geniuses, in their own way, that one school can have.


My classmates are genuinely interested in academic topics half the time, sometimes stressed out, and ready to hang out and have fun the rest of the time.


They are mostly pre-med and pre-law.


They are all geeks.


My classmates were great. While most of my friends came from outside of my classes, I always felt a part of the class. My classes were small enough that you knew everyone on a first name basis by about the third week, and often you got to know some better than others through project or similar research interests.


They are curious, engaged, tend to be a bit shy, extremely intelligent and mostly white.


Some work hard while some hardly work.


My classmates are extremely smart, hard-working and very well rounded.


My classmates are incredibly multi-talented individuals - athletically, artistically, and intellectually - with strong opinions, varied interests, and real desires to learn.


My classmates are driven, focused, passionate and intense.


Quiet reserved friendly helpful polite


friendly enough, just dont trust them with your life


Diversity has been a very popular topic on campus the last few years. UR is more diverse than many campuses, but many times groups won't interact with each other. This is something the student government, administration and student body are all working to improve.


Rochester has a significant amount of diversity throughout the student population, at least in comparison to the small WASP farm town from which I came. There are student groups for almost any minority or religious group, and countless activity groups based on unique interests that one could make their home ground on campus. It is unfortunate that people of varying backgrounds do not often interact with each other and instead stick together, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Most Rochester students seem to be from upper-middle class to upper class families and have the expectation that they will end up in the same place. Once again, there are exceptions but the majority rule dictates that saving money is largely not an issue.


There is a serious lack of diversity on campus. Students wear any assortment of things to class, but most commonly they are in general, very low matinence. The students are typically very driven in terms of knowing what they want for themselves in the future. The sports teams are very cliquey. It's not segregated along social lines per say, but students cannot be called warm, open, or welcoming in any way.


While there is significant diversity at Rochester, I feel that a much greater connection could be made throughout the students among the different diversities. I definitely know a lot of people from different ethnic, religious, social, and political backgrounds but I'm slightly sad to say most of my closest friends come from a similar background to mine. I recently performed with my dance team at an award ceremony honoring the different community service acts of various ethnic fraternities, sororities, and student groups on campus. I was honestly surprised at how many there were and what they had been doing. It was great to see that there were so many groups and achievements, but many people I felt I had never seen before, let alone interacted with. There definitely is diversity, but it feels much more separate than it should be from the overall community of the school.


They are all very driven people who work really hard and do well in classes.


I went into this a lot already. In terms of politics, students are liberal by American standards, but more centrist than I expected based on the stereotype of the university student. I've met a grand total of two students who would actually defend Bush and the Iraq War, but that's hardly surprising at this point. The average student is probably a moderate Democrat who hates Bush but has some reservations about Obama. There are activist groups on campus, but most non-members view them with little more than scorn. Math/science students interact with others a lot less because of their workload, but in general, the Rochester Curriculum helps bring together students in different majors with some shared common interests. There are a lot of locals and Northeasterners, but an increasing number of out-of-region students like myself as well. It's not the most diverse campus, but it could be worse; I've had classes with all white people, but they're fairly rare. Religiously, there are a substantial number of atheists/agnostics (as on most college campuses), and the religious students are predominantly Jewish or Catholic from what I've seen.


Awesome people. There are hundreds of different student groups on campus. The university is full of leaders and talented students. The best groups would be the dance groups, the a capella groups, Bhangra, and Improv. Most of the students at Rochester are from the Metropolitan area in NY, or from upstate NY. The students are typically pretty wealthy, but not all of them. They are very liberal, left-wing when it comes to politics. Rochester claims to be a diverse school, but from my perspective, it is not at all. Similar cultures tend to stay together and separate themselves from everyone else. I love the people because everyone is so much fun and seems happy all the time. I have made amazing friends at Rochester and I hope all other students who go there do the same.


We all have two thing in common: hardly on school spirit and tolerance. Anyone is welcome to learn about anyone's culture, though diversity is, as usual, a joke. Rochester is not a traditional university...everyone is an individual. There will be groups of people you'll encounter when partying, groups of people in classes who you study usually recognize everyone, if not know them, and probably have heard a few embarrassing stories of who they made out with.


I love all the people on campus. Most people always hold doors open for the next person, and most people seem, overall, considerate. Most of the students look nice when going to class, as opposed to sloppy and dirty. Everyone seems well put together, and most seem comfortable in their surroundings.


The U of R has some of the most attractive women I have ever seen, along with the men. Most people are open to all sorts of differences, I've only ever encountered one overtly zealous conservative Christian in my time here, she was a sweet heart but I knew she was probably not cool with some of my friends sexual preferences. Lots of different types of students interact, the only issues I've faced is some economic gaps many people here are from very wealthy families (Westchester, northern Jersey, Philly areas) and being from your typical middle class family its strange to me to hear of students getting $300 a month allowances (for what? who knows?) and not having to work. I think its a great experience to be friends with and interact with these people, for both of us, so we can see what different people live like in the world but some times I feel left out or resentful.


Rochester is actually quite diverse and truly everyone is accepted. I don't think anyone would feel out of place; people at Rochester are very down to earth.


The Rochester student body is like a gigantic family. You have your best friends who are like your immediate family, your acquaintances who are like the cousins you see during the holidays, and the people you walk by everyday and have no idea who they are. Those people are like your great uncle twice removed who lives across the country; you've never met him but you would do anything for him, because he's family.


Most people at UR are very open to different types of people and interactions with those, not of the same "kind" are very common. However, there does seem to be a division between minority groups, and the different majorities of the campus as units, not as individuals. There are numerous individuals who branch out and make diversity at UR positive and unique of an experience, but a small percentage, are closed minded ans stick to people of their own, racial, within, socio-economic, religious etc, groups. I think college is taking a step outside of our comfort zone,a and exploring and appreciating the world around you wherever, you may attend.Most people @ UR follow the same idea or something like that, but there is a small percentage that still are living in the past so to speak.


If one were to walk into the Douglas Dining Hall on a Tuesday evening, this is what they would likely find: A group of very tall and attractive guys sit leisurely around a large rectangular table. An aura of confidence (read: supersized ego) radiates off of them. Occasionally, a few attractive girls sift in and out of the group. This would be the basketball team. Four tables are pushed together to make one large table. Forty girls are seated together, all sporting shirts with their sorority's letters. It's a Alpha Delta Sigma Kappa dinner night. Sisters only. Several tables are pushed together to form one long table. At this makeshift banquet table sit thirty gaunt guys and girls, still dressed in their running attire. These people run cross country and track. They keep to themselves, in the loudest way possible. The guys make fun of the girls for eating too much. To the left is a round table, with all but one of its seven seats occupied. Six suite mates enjoy their meals as they go over plans for a party they are throwing in their common room. Two are greek-affiliated, one plays soccer, and the other three dance. Notebly, a occupants of these four table groups hail from various backgrounds. Many are white, and some are black, hispanic, asian, indian, or maybe something else. Some come from money, others are there on a scholarship or financial aid.


The student body is probably my favorite part about being a Rochester student. It's a big enough school where you don't know everyone, but small enough for you to have friends in common with every single student. And ALL the students are so full of life and such a riot... I Love it!


I don't really think any students would feel out of place at Rochester. There are all different types of people at the school and many different groups and programs to get everyone involved. I really hate the question about racial experiences because I just accept all people for who they are, no matter their race, religion, etc. As long as I get along with the person, its all good. And I get along with many of the people at UR. At the dining hall I don't really notice anyone besides my friends who I'm sitting with. We're always the loudest, most obnoxious ones, laughing so loud with everyone staring at us: we just like to have a good time. No one ever gives us dirty looks, but just looks and laughs cause we're always having a good time.


Our students are incredibly diverse. They vary in race, religion, economic status, where they are from, but also in their personalities. You have the girls who wear leggings, uggs, and big T-shirts with Tiffany jewelery to the girls in sports jerseys, jeans, and sneakers, to those in tie-dye T-shirts, ripped jeans, and Birkenstocks. What we all tend to have in common is that we are laid back. We all are intelligent and studious, but relaxed and enjoy having fun. You must be intelligent to fit in at Rochester and be chill and relaxed.


For what most would label a "white" school, I feel that Rochester is reasonably diverse. Financially, many students are from wealthy backgrounds, but more students are supporting themselves than many people realize. What I love best is the fact that while many students may come from prosperous families, you would never know it to look at them. No popped collars, no prada bags--just plain, normal, jeans-wearing kids going to class in whatever feels comfortable.


most rochester students are from ny or nj but there are certainly students from all over the us and otherwise. there arent really different tables at the dining halls but there is definitely a greek scene. the large frat/sororities presence on campus isnt a problem but it does exist. its not really where or who i spend my time with but that is really just a situational circumstance. i found my niche of friends that i am very happy with and thats all i can really say about the student body. i dont think any particular type of person would be out of place at rochester just b/c i think you can party if you want to or not or anywhere in between.


not very diverse, somewhat wealthy, a lot of up state new yorkers, very different types of people


Very open-minded student body, usually from a high socio-economic background. Every person on campus can find someone to relate to as we have all shades and sorts of people. Most students are from high class areas such as the Mainline, PA or Newton, MA. Students are very politically aware and open-minded.


Rochester is very open minded and liberal with a disproportionately large group of LGBTs on campus and a group of left wing and communist radicals called students for social justice- a group that has been very controversial and frequently marches around protesting something that nobody cares about. Most smart, hard working students would feel at home at Rochester, and at the same time Rochester also has a moderately sized greek life so you can also find students who like to party. However, don't be deceived because most of the students who party also work really really hard studying in their down time. Students are from all over the US and a few internationals. Most students come from middle to middle-upper class backgrounds and there is some social pressure to act and dress accordingly. Dining sucks, you'll want the smallest meal plan possible. Residential life isn't that great and a lot of students have been moving off campus by junior and senior year because on campus is too expensive and the meal plans suck. Rochester's a great school as long as you're willing to work really hard and not have much time for anything else.

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