University of Rochester Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Rochester?


Research opportunities in the sciences, especially for engineering and biology students, robust biomedical engineering program and engineering in general, plenty of extracurricular opportunities, intelligent and critical people, strong economics program, Take 5 (fifth year tuition-free option), more flexibility choosing non-major classes and electives, beautiful campus in the spring, summer and fall, good libraries, campus is a good size


Completely open curriculum. Engaging, intelligent, and respected professors who enjoy teaching just as much as research. Small student population (~4K undergrads) with the resources of a much larger university. Excellent housing; many stay on campus all four years, but plenty of options off-campus too.


I brag about the school?s underappreciated Theatre Program. The International Theatre Program at Todd Theatre is amazing. Our set and light designers, along with many of our directors and choreographers, are from professional off-Broadway theatres and films. Our budget is stunted, but we still manage to pull off spectacular shows. The teaching and learning environment is wonderful, and anyone who puts in an effort can shine as a leader there.


My friends.


Professors, study abroad, programs, awesome people, and freedom of learning


We have the most awesome study areas!


quality of professors, presence of the school in the forefront of research(ex. neuroscience, optics, BME)


I love the academic program here, which allows me to select the classes I want to take without endangering my degree or my future career, and which allows me to really personalize my schedule.


I always tell them how good worldwide my school is and how much they help in any way I need it.