University of Rochester Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about University of Rochester? Why?


My experience at the University of Rochester has, thus far, been a fairly positive one. There are not many things I would change about the school, especially in regards to its academics and values. I would say that the worst things about my school are the athletic programs. Because the UR teams are division three, it is hard for our campus to come together in expressing our school spirit at the same time. This issue does not greatly effect my experience, however, since I came to this school knowing that athletics were not a hugely significant part of campus life.


The worst thing I would have to say about my school is the selection process for financial aid. I know alot of students who are sturggling this year because of the hefty tuition costs. I happen to be one of those students having to worry about my continuation at this school because of my financial situation.


There are too many cutthroat pre-med students who exaggerate their accomplishments and attempt to get on the professors' good sides through tactics that annoy the rest of the class.


I get tired of being cold. A lot of people fall in love with this school in July. You should really visit in January, so you know what it's going to be like. I love the snow and really love going sledding between classes, but if you don't like that, don't come here.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is not very racially diverse. When you do see differing ethnic groups, they are all together in one bunch at all times.


The city of Rochester, and wet snow


The administration is probably the worst thing. It is very difficult to get administrators to help you to solve a problem, whether it be about recycling, bus schedules, housing, or a personal problem. I have even had one academic advisor misinform me about a school policy and later lie about giving me that information. Overall, dealing with administrators is just frustrating.


It is a toss up between social life and the imbalance between practical program funding (pre med, engineering) and funding for programs in the humanities, particularly the arts. It is difficult to feel satisfied with a studio program that is so underfunded, which has a building separate from the academic quad, and which is hardly frequented by the majority of the campus. Social life is also lacking, as the area around the university is usually dead, with little to do off campus at night, and very cold weather.


Money is really a key factor. I've been struggling since the time I set foot on this campus and the Bursar and Financial Aid office haven't really been there to be a huge help. If more help could have been there for me, this school would have been just too perfect.


The most frustrating thing I found was with the financial aid given. I am a student of Eastman School of Music which is part of the University of Rochester. I am origionally from CA, and since things are so much more expensive there my family, on paper, looks more wealthy than we actually are- my parents are barely making payments now and we are really scared about figuring out a way to be able to send my younger sister off to college next year.