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What is the stereotype of students at University of Rochester?


-socially awkward -pre med


Nerdy, rich, jewish


That we're extremely nerdy, never go out, aren't very social, etc. That we're part of RIT


A stereotype of most Rochester students is that we are the rich nerds who couldn't fit into or couldn't get into the Ivy league schools so ended up here as back up. A stereotype about Rochester as a university is that it is a teach yourself sort of atmosphere, and as a research school the professors are there for research and teach only because they have to rather than actual enjoyment or proficiency in teaching students.


Some of the stereotypes are that everyone is very antisocial and nerdy.


don't really know any.


We're not really big enough to have our own stereotypes, heh. In my experience, there are a lot of fairly well-off and sheltered students here, but also a lot of students who would seem like they belong at some state party school until you realise how intelligent they are. It's a small, selective school, so less-than-intelligent peers are the exception, not the rule, assuming you avoid a few select classes and majors. There's a healthy Greek scene, with the major frats having houses on campus, but it's quite easy to get by in campus social life without pledging; I'm going into my senior year as a non-Greek all the way through, with no regrets. The frats offer a wide range, from traditional drink-and-haze type of frats to some more academically focused or casual frats. There are a bunch that live in other campus dorms or off campus rather than on the frat quad; these ones tend to be a lot more laid back, with less big parties and less rigorous pledging processes.


Very hard working students, very nice people, not competitive, willing to study in groups, work hard, party harder, except when it's cold


Rochester is a far and distant land where Winter reigns, and if there is any sun, it pokes its head out for five seconds to laugh at your shivering ass. Don't get me wrong: the fall and summers are beautiful, but the winters are harsh...surprise! That's the majority of the school year. If there is anything true about Rochester students, it is that they study hard, but party harder. At least, kids who aren't international students, premed, biology, or mechanical engineering...wait, that's about 30 percent of the student body... Almost everyone plays an instrument and/or appreciates music, which is a plus. Also, most people are above average intelligence, which is pretty nice. There are many unique characters at Rochester, ranging from chill, accepting, and laid back, to anal librarywhores. Rochester is diverse, if you say 5/8 white, 2/8 chinese, and 1/8 other.


That everyone who goes to U of R is either really smart or really rich