University of Rochester Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of Rochester?


Students passionate about contributing to the benefit of society will feel at home at the University of Rochester, whose mission statement is "Learn, Discover, Heal, Create - And Make the World Ever Better." The University was founded with the intention of creating active leaders in all fields.


Because of the school?s open curriculum, I think that there are two types of people who would excel here. Either a person who does not know what they want to do or a person who has many interests, like me. Rochester allows you to study multiple things at the same time. For example, I am majoring in Molecular Genetics and English with a Concentration in Theatre and I am also minoring in Astronomy. This would be impossible in four years at a normal college.


Someone who is not afraid to try new things and wants to learn. There are so many opportunities for students to take advantage of that it would be a shame if someone only wanted to get a degree and then leave


Someone who is admant about learning, but doesn't want to lose the fun of social life. Friendship and Academics are the two most fundemental parts of this university. Friends you make here will help you through thick and thin, without any questions asked. If you are ready to suceed and want to do so with honor and comradery, then this is the school for you.


Young adults who are willing to work hard in order to succeed should attend the University of Rochester. Here, you will be surrounded by students who are driven to achieve. Although we are competitive, we believe that we can still be compassionate at the same time. If you can handle both, the the University of Rochester is the place for you. Be warned, however, that you must be able to stand the cold and snow.


1) Would-be natural scientists, mathetmaticans, social scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and anyone else who sees a strong program here that matches their interests. 2) Anyone interested in the extreme flexibility offered by the lack of general education requirements - double majors are generally easy to do and triple majors are much more feasible than they are at other schools of similar caliber.


Someone who is incredibly focused, can learn independently, interested in research, and has a strong sense of their career goals. U of R is particularly strong in the sciences, music, and research. The school courages students to pursue their studies beyond undergraduate studies and give back at a global level. The school is academically challenging and most people live on campus, creating a sense of community.


Someone who can manage their time between schoolwork and extracurricular activites. Looking for parties on the weekends.


Someone who knows what they are interested in and have a passion for it.


someone who is academically focused but who knows when to take a break and just have fun