University of Rochester Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Rochester?


Intolerant people should not attend this school.


Anyone who is unable to commit quite a bit of time to their studying, and anyone who cannot keep up with a rigorous course schedule along with working, maintaining a social life, sleeping, etc.


People who are looking for a big party scene, as this school is extremely academically focused. I have known some politically active students to express discontent at the level of social awareness on campus, as well. Finally, any student not going into the science field may want to search elsewhere; while the liberal arts education is good, there are just not that many students taking those classes here. As a result, finding friends who share your intellectual interests is problematic and potentially depressing.


Jocks, people who want to be able to party more than two nights a week, visual artists, extremely conservative religious people, anyone desiring less than 50 people in their non-humanities classes, anyone desiring a high degree of ethnic diversity (while the UR undergrad population contains many East Asians and South Asians, Hispanics and blacks are sorely missing and the East Asian population keeps mostly to itself), anyone who dislikes gray and rainy/snowy weather 2/3 of their academic year, and anyone who wants a school with popular sporting events.


A kind of person that is looking for a school with a big party life should not attend this school. U of R has many frats and sororities but the party life is not as big as schools it is for schools like Syracuse.


Someone who likes to do fun things and be creative with their time. Also it gets really cold.


People who aren't committed to working for their education.


Someone who is extremely social and NEEDS alot of different things to do every single weekend should consider going someone else. Also, someoe who does not want to take their academics seriously and just wants a degree instead of genuinely wanting ot learn should not come here. Anyone who is not intrinsically motivated to learn. Anyone who does not like the cold.


People who are interested in challenging themselves.


Someone who would like to pursue a very creative future such as a musician or artist because this University is very focused on more practical majors.