University of Rochester Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about University of Rochester?


The WEATHER! On Tuesday is was around 50-60 degrees and today it is under 10 degrees. The weather here is seriously bi-polar or something. Even though we have a tunnel system through most of the academic buildings, I still have to trudge through the slush and snow to get from my dorm building to anywhere else on the campus. Even though the weather here is not as sunny or enjoyable as California, I like to think that the people I am trapped with inside are the only people I would want to be trapped inside with.


The most frustrating thing is the numerous recitations and workshops that need to be signed up before and after course begin. There is inconsistency in the room assignments for the recitations/workshops because of countless unforeseen circumstances.


I found as a science major it difficult to build relationships with science professors. On the other hand, courses I took outside the sciences I was able to build stronger relationships. Also frustrating when working with career center and networking with almuni. I had an extremely difficult time finding a job after school outside of working in research. But really great for getting accpeted into graduate schools in top programs.


Meal plan and lack of diversity in food - where are the fruits and vegetables?




Students here tend to form clics very quickly, so meeting new people after freshman year can prove difficult. Additionally, meeting people is challenging without getting drunk on the weekends at the fraternity houses.


Freshman weeder courses can be frustrating. While not exactly labeled as "weeder," they have a tendency to annoy many students out of a particular field. We don't like being taught that everything we've ever learned in Biology is wrong. Some professors also tend to ask some off the wall questions during tests that nobody has a clue how to answer, so watch out.


A recent change to the meal plan system makes me feel like UR is definitely getting the better end of the deal, or if not them then Aramark (the food provider) is. This is contained to just the meal plan system itself though, the food is decent enough (in my opinion, others were beg to differ), many students are just required to pay for more food than they can eat.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are very unattractive women.


The cold weather, the inflexible meal plans, and the lack of an off-campus life.