University of Rochester Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The quality of the education I received was superb! All of the faculty and staff members were extremely knowledgeable and took the time to ensure that students were grasping the material. They certainly helped foster my growth and development as a student and as a professional by encouraging me to think more critically as well as promoting my creativity.


The people here are great and very friendly and very supportive to help you achieve your goals.


The best thing about the U of R is how thorough the classes are. They really go in-depth and teach you anything and everything you need to know to get a good job, especially if you're interested in research.


Well, you can ask anyone and they'll say a lot of things. I personally love the red brick, traditional architecture, and the feel and size of it. But one thing that everyone will tell you is the COLD. We're closer to Canada than pretty much anything else so it gets cold early, and it stays that way. Yesterday it hit 50 Fahrenheit, the high since I've been here, and everyone was having picnics on the academic quad and wearing shorts, because we all know it's not gonna get any better. Personally, I like the cold, but it's not for everyone.


The academic programs are amazing. They encourage students to think outside the box and explore their areas of interest. The professors are dedicated to their students and care a great deal about their education. It is a small school feel with a research univeristy calibar.


The best thing that I love about the Eastman School of Music is how much you learn in a short amount of time. After just one semester there I have already become a stronger oboist. Eastman also presents itself with so many different opputunites. Whether you are a music education major or flute major, Eastman will set you up with musicians qualified in that specific area as well as expose you to the real world. Most importatnly Eastman has created an enviroment in which you want to learn more and become the player that you have always dreamed of.


At this school you learn how to survive withing the music world as well as learning the best skills for the field.


Friends I made on my team.


The amount of research for the size of the student population. It landed me my first internship.


The best thing is that students can pick whatever classes they want to and aren't forced into classes they don't want to take.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is a very academic and research-oriented school. The opportunities to prepare students for their career goals are numerous.


Class listings and curriculum.


The freedom in the curriculum. It allows you to really explore different fields and still major in your area of interest.


Great social atmosphere


The opportunity to get involved with so many oncampus activities.


Research opportunities at the Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital are vast. Anyone in the sciences should take advantage.


High quality professors. Good Library.


I'd have to say that the learning enviroment and as well as the social life of campus is a great place to want to learn. Over the past couple of years I've learned to bascially learn how to live on my own. The facultiy at the school are very considerate and most do have the drive to want to teach the material.


The campus because it is very nice and has an underground tunnel system which is great in the winter.


The people are very easy to get along with; you can meet and become friends with just about anyone. Students often work together to study for tests, work on labs, etc.