University of Saint Mary Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Young Dustin, Do not worry about your GPA, it does not matter. Community college is the way to go especially if you transfere to a University afterwards. Pay attention in class but don't worry about getting that super high GPA so you can go to college. You can still go to college just through a community college first. Also, think about a skill set, a college degree in a field that does not develope a skill is pretty much useless. Try for a B.S. it is your best option. True, a B.S. is a much harder degree to earn but it is worth it in the long run. If the B.S. is to much to handel don't be afraid to take a semester or two off and work, you'll develope a better since of what you want to do then. I know school is hard but it will get easier with age, you will be able to handel complex issues just give it time. Everything will be okay. -Future Dustin


The advice I would give myself is don't wait. Start working on your degree right after high school ends. It is alot harder to take classes while working fulltime and raising a family.


So many times looking back we think, "man, if I only had it to do over again!" What person hasn't made mistakes, right? If I could talk to myself as a highschool senior, my advice would be twofold - to look and to listen. I would encourage myself to look at what those who have gone before me had accomplished - and how they have accomplished it. There's no reason to reinvent the wheel! Other people have shown us what we need to do in order to be successful, and if we simply follow in their footsteps and avoid their mistakes, then we won't have to learn things the hard way. The second thing that I would tell myself is to listen. I know it's hard to accept advice, especially when you're young and think that you have everything figured out already, but, believe it or not, those who have already been through this process of choosing a school and a career path just might have some of the answers that you're looking for. So, bite your tongue; humble your mind; open your eyes; listen and take advantage of the wisdom that others have to offer.


I would tell myself as a high school senior to not slack off as much. I would emphasize the fact that school only gets harder and it takes more of an independent effort to make sure all of my homework and papers are done and turned in on time. I would try and learn better study habits so i could've been better prepared for the tasks ahead of me. Instead of getting lazy towards the end of high school i would have told myself to stay sharp and still focus because it would of just helped me in the long run. As far as choosing a school and applying for colleges I should have started earlier and really taken the time out to really research and think about what school was best for me.


Hey Kat. I know this may be a little weird for you to talk to me but I want to tell you something. Back in high school, when I was in your shoes, I did not think it was important to look for scholarships. I thought I was going to have help with school from mom and dad. Then right before I graduated they told me they could not help me with school. I struggled finding any type of scholarship I could find. I was lucky enough to have found Saint Mary, but I want you to start looking for scholarships. I want you start looking as soon as you start your senior year. The more you apply the less loans you're going to have. I want you to do well in school. You're a smart girl. I want you to be prepared for college. The more prepared the less you're going to have to work through college. Being a full time student plus having a full time job is hard. I just want you to enjoy college. Not have to work all the way through it like I have too. You'll do great, I promise.


If I could go back in time I would have told my self to study a lot harder for the ACT test so I could have gone straight to the College I wanted instead of going to a community college. I would tell myself that I need to make sure I take time every night to study hard for classes because college classes are a lot harder then high school classes. The last thing I would tell my self is to take the time and search for tons of scholarships and to apply for all of them because college does cost a lot especially if you are paying for it yourself and not getting any help.


The most important advice i would give to myself as a highschool senior would be to get out of that shell you created. Being social is a huge part of college life, especially when living in dorms. Allowing yourself to be social allows for a connection to your community and can also help you connect with other people that may be in the same field of education as you. Knowing upperclassmen can help you through your first year of school. They have been through their freshman experiences and can help you succeed with yours. Overall just be more social and allow other people into your life.


I would have told myself to really learn up about how college works. I would have focused on my high school opportunity for credits that could have benefitted me in college. I knew nothing about these things when going into college. Although I remember this point being stressed to me in high school, I would have taken a different approach in explaining to high school seniors the importance of time management. When in college your days are much different than in high school and you have to learn to focus your energy into specific time and places. It's super important to understand the differences between high school and college life. Finally, I would told myself to explore different things and take a wide variety of classes so that I could be confident in what I wanted to do later in life!


The transition from high school to college is a major jump, and for myself and many other people around me no matter how much people try to tell you how difficult it is you will never know until you are put into the situation. Moving onto college is something you have to figure out yourself once you get there, you have to find yourself all over again. Most students go to school from grade school to high school with the same people, and it's a big change to face when going into college. Although it may be tough it possible even for the shyest person, from my own experience I can vouge for this. With this students may make the decisions to go to schools with their friends, and I do not recommend this. There are points in out lives when things need to be changed and one of those periods in time are called "college." It's also a time to find out about ourselves from a professional aspect, and how we are going to grow forth for the rest of our lives. It will not be an easy decision, but what decisions are?


If I could go back to High School, the advice I would give myself would be, pay attention in class and get the most out of it because now you are paying for classes and as easy as blowing it off or not paying attention is, youre the one paying for your education now. Also, I would take more college classes because it is a lot cheaper, easier, and it gets you ahead. Finally, I would start searching for colleges a lot sooner and know that the one I decided was really the one because I am okay with my college now but I believe I'd happier somewhere else. I have transferred and the whole process is long, cost money, and could potentially put you behind and it is just not necessary. I am way more grown up than I was so hopefully I would be more mature of my decisions, in all honesty, I am the one in debt down nobody else.


Confucius once said "All things in moderation." That includes friends, partying, studying, and extracurricular activities. College surrounds students with organizations, clubs, classes, work, and new people. It's important to take advantage of these new opportunities but more importantly to balance them and to learn the material in classes. Take pride in your work and do it well. Stay focused in your studies and make commitments you can keep. College is a place for learning about yourself and learning about your future career so do whats necessary to succeed.


It has been a great experience to attend college. My college experience so far has given me many great things. I have been given a chance to create a better future for myself, the instructors at the university have guided me on a path of understanding and discovery. I have grown up immensly, and now have great deal more knowledge of who am I and who I want myself to be. The education and knowledge I have gained can never be taken away from me and will last with me my entire life. I cannot imagine what my life would be like or who I would have been if i hadn't attended college. This experience has guided me in a great direction, provided me with great knowledge and given me all the tools I need to be succesfull. Now I must take the knowledge and the tools I have gained and put them into practical use.


Knowing what I know now, I would have to tell myself to relax. When I was a high school senior I was so worried about what my future would hold. I constantly worried about what school I would get into and if I would have the money to pay for it. I also worried about me playing baseball. I had worked hard and wanted to continue playing. I would tell myself that everything works out and happens for a reason. One thing I would do though is tell myself to save up more money because college is a lot more expensive than I thought. I would also tell myself that going college would be some of the best times I have had. I have met amazing people and built life-long friendships with them. The biggest thing that I would tell myself though is to stop worrying and to slow down and enjoy the ride. You only have one life to live and it's best lived when you aren't worrying about tomorrow.


I wish I could travel back and tell myself something when I was a senior in high school and if I could I would tell myself this: "College is going to be one of the toughest transitions you will make thus far in your lifetime but if you seek the truth, be open to new experiences, stay morally strong, and listen to your parents' things will go smoothly." First, seeking the truth inside your own body helps you get to know your true self. College is all about getting to know your own self more intimately. Once you begin to establish seeking truth within yourself you can discern what is true and real within this diverse and controversial world. Secondly, one must remain open to new experiences while attending college. You meet so many new people and create new experiences, in which you must be open to positive change but remain moral while doing so. Most importantly, Even though you have moved out of your house you should always listen to your parents because they love you and only want the best for you. They have already traveled down this road, listen to them and respect them always.


I would recommend to myself, getting scholarships filled out ASAP. Also I would say to myself that I need to take the ACT and SAT and study as much as possible, so I can and get the best scores on them. By not doing my very best in high school, especially my senior year, I will suffer in the future and I will to not go to the college of my chose or get the scholarships I want. I will regret not doing best when I could. The final thing I would say to myself is if I feel I can?t do it by myself, I need to get help. Even if I feel it would make you look bad, my future is very important and there are people more than willing to help me out. Knowing what I know now, that?s what I wish someone would have said to me.