University of San Francisco Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


USF is the heart of San Francisco.


University of Spoiled Foreigners, University of Single Females, and hipsters.


I think my school from the outside just looks like a great place to learn. I have found certain spots on campus that I really enjoy studying in. It is just a comfortable and great atmosphere to get an education.


University of San Francisco is a small, private school that is both generous with their financial aid and that loves students who have a passion for changing the world in their own way.


The school is really in the middle of the city, when driving by, it might just look like a large high school. It's in the middle of a residential area, but the school is very attractive and appealing to the eye. The famous St. Ignatius church can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The school is clean, despite the current on-going construction, and on a school day, there are many students walking to and from class or their dorms.


It is small, but beautiful. Usually, people in the City will drive right past it not see it unless someone points it out- that is, except for the massive, historic St. Ignacius church on campus!


A Cathredal with a bunch of construction surrounding it and a building with a bell tower on top of the hill.


environmentally, culturally, globally, and financially conscience.


USF is expensive, but overall I feel that it is worth it. I have never had a problem getting my classes, I feel supported by my teachers and peers, the environment is beautiful and the city is exciting.


The University of San Francisco is brimming with opportunity--opportunity to learn in an intimate environment, opportunity to be cultured in the international city of San Francisco, the opportunity to gain experience through the many internships that the city has to offer, opportunity to experience great cuisine and diversity, and the opportunity to have a great college experience.


The University of San Francisco consists of unique friendly students, open and helpful teachers, and a comfortable environment that does not pressure but eases the minds of students to help them into their future careers.


The University of San Francisco is a prestigious private school that is resourceful and allows students to further improve their education to their desired needs.


A place that fosters experience and education to brighten the future and aid the global community.


A place that gives great opportunities, and cares for their students to asporire their goals.


The school competes with the numerous things that the city has to offer, so it draws people off campus and forces them to find things to do in San Francisco.


The University of San Francisco is a peaceful campus in the middle of a bustling city with so much to do.


The University of San Francisco is the best choice (IMHO) for a great education from a medium sized urban school.


You get as much out as you put you in.


Situated in the heart of San Francisco, my school gains its idenity from the students and the city that surrounds it, not the institution itself.


USF nurtures the progressive and compassionate spirit.


usf is an uppity yet scholarity program for richer kids.


Economically and socially diverse, the University of San Franisco is a preeminent school providing students with small classes, more than capable faculty members, and a location situated in one of the most exciting cities in the world -- a fact which allows a student exposure to a "real world" environment, easing young people into the world, fostering leaders for tomorrow.


Perfectly sized, pretty diverse, foreward thinking, academically engaging, as well as community oriented.