University of San Francisco Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The city, speakers and class size


Forget the school, I mainly brag about the city! San Francisco is a fantastic place for students!


This school has an awesome reputation for education and is well respected in the professional community of prospective employers. This school is hard because of it's reputation for challenging students to their full potential. This school is very diverse in it's education and the students who attend there. University of San Francisco has excellent acedemic advisors to help students get through their programs. This school also has an outstanding financial aid headquarters to help students figure out ways to pay for their degrees. USF is providing me with courage, hope, determination, committment, willingness, and faith to succeed.


Being able to get help from the professors by simply knocking on their door and how they are always willing to help no matter what. Free tutoring is something most of my friends do not get and my school offers it. The class sizes are fairly small so it is easier to focus on what the professors are trying to say. All of these things sum up the quality of education my school offers. They really care about trying to get students to understand concepts and ultimately do well in class as well as outside class things.


Even if I am an off-campus student, I still manage to put myself out there and make friends. When you meet a USF student, you know you're going to be dealing with a very sweet, compassionate person who is going to have your back no matter what happens. The teachers here are willing to go out of their way to help students with classwork. Plus, we're in the greatest city by the bay: San Francisco. What more can you ask for?


I brag about the small class sizes which allow me to get individual attention from the professor, as well as the relative ease of getting the classes I want and need. Also, I mention the fantastic location that is right in the middle of the city, with all the exciting things to do nearby.


The small classes and wonderful teachers


The University of San Francisco is in the middle of an amazing city. There is so much to do off campus and you have a better opportunity to obtain a job after graduation.


Lots of fun stuff to do in San Francisco city


The overall fact that my class sizes are so small. Theres only about 10-15 students in each of my classes. In addition, living in such a urban and metropolitan area such as San Francisco. Theres always something to do.


Rigor of the nursing program


The amazing campus, small classes, how much fun it is to live in San Francisco.


I LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO BITCHES! While you're at another frat party in the middle of no where, I'm enjoying being 21 in one of the most gorgous cities in the country! Not to mention my classes are a great size, so all of my professors know my name.


The fact that San Francisco is there. Living in the city, makes all the annoying parts of USF not seem nearly as bad. It allows you to get away from the college life and live the city life.


The city, the people, how helpful the faculty is, how fun some of my classes have been.


There's always something to do in the city and the people in San Francisco are always willing to lend a helping hand. It's such a small school that you are able to recognize people from USF when you go out to other places off campus, even if you don't know them there's always a sense of community.


I brag about its location and the classroom size.


That it's in the middle of San Francisco, the campus is beautiful, my classes are always very small and my teachers really care about me and my learning. I have also enjoyed all of my classes, and have really been learning a lot while here. Lastly, the city offers so much to do at any given moment.


The city of san francisco and the small classes.


The endless opportunities and events in San Francisco