University of Scranton Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a variety of people here. Some people haven't gotten out of the highschool phase of clicks, but many have. People are really nice and open. You can strike a conversation with almost anyone. It's a really nice experience to have a community of people that feel so friendly and open!


When I first visited campus everyone seemed overly friendly. Somehow I imagined that to be the case when I moved in. However, it's kind of like high school with the relationship among students. Many people fall into their own little groups. Of course I'm always meeting new people, and I optimistically look forward to the next four years of always meeting new people.


always ready to learn


Most students that attend the University of Scranton are from PA, NJ, NY but there are many that are not. Students are VERY involved in extracurricular activities whether it is a sport, club, or community service. Life on campus is relaxed and most people dress relaxed to class unless they are giving formal presentations. There are always people in the cafeteria because the food is outstanding. It is a friendly student body in general.


The majority of students here are white, class Americans from the North East region of the US who have been raised Catholic. All students here are polite and accepting of stuents who are not like themselves. There are groups of other races around campus who are well liked by all the rest. There is no"polularity" at Scranton, everyone is friendly and if a lot of people know and like you then congradulations you're just like everyone else! Students here are either on scholarship and extremely motivated to make money one day for themselves and their familie or here on daddy's pocket change and don't really feel an obligation to work hard. However the majority is here for the right reasons; to get educated.


My classmates thus far have been easy to get along with, fun to work with in and out of class, and helpful in times of need.


My classmates are very creative and eager to learn.


CLassmates are focused on grades, friends, and their futures.


My class mates are usually quiet. They are mostly the same in overall perspective.


My classmates vary between those who are serious-minded going into pre-medical fields and those of various dedication who are pursuing four-year degrees with plans to immidiately enter the work force.


My classmates range from all different ages, they are kind, friendly, and very interesting people, I have bonded with many of them and they have become really close to me and are like family, they are great people!


Friendly and outgoing


My classmates are kind and helpful when needed. They do not pick fights and are fun to hang out with outside of school.


Many are hard working individuals striving to achieve the highest possible education for the benefit of their future patients.


There are all different kinds, but overall they can be snobby and follow the crowd, and also fake and conceided.


The students at Scranton are helpful and try to get across the point that we are all in this together.


Intelligent, hard-working, and friendly students.


kids who are friendly, but keep to their own friends.


My classmates are a fun group of kids that are very focuesd on their schooling but know how to let loose and have a good time.


They are open, friendly and approachable people.


My classmates are smart and motivated, yet still fun and athletic. This makes finding friends to play sports or other activities with pretty easy. Also, everyone likes to have a good time and let loose on the weekends, both with and without alcohol, and it is relatively clean of drugs, especially compared to other local colleges. This helps to minimze stress levels, especially during midterms and finals week.


4,000 students. The majority are from PA, NY, NJ, and Long Island (NY). Students are very social, active and friendly. DIII sports means you will get your playing time and academics come first. It is not the most diverse campus out there, Scranton is very open to diversity but it felt like 95 percent of the students are white middle-uppermiddle class, even though that might not be the case.


Goal-oriented, friendly people.


Most Scranton students are from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, but we have students from all over as well. We wear what we want, we have preppy kids and kids who go to class every day in sweats, we don't seem to care what other people think, and most of the time we will interact with anybody. We are a Catholic Campus, but not all students are Catholic. There are "rich" kids on campus as well as students who can only attend because of financial aid (thats me), but the "rich" kids are normally very giving and not stuck up at all.